Treking preparation

    Here are our advice to enjoy your trek!

    - Some questions you need to ask yourself when preparing your trek: what kind of activity? For how long? On what grounds? How heavy are your bags? In which conditions (weather, height...)? All the answers have to be given regarding your project and your physical conditions.
    - Leaving at the right time: the right times to go for a trek are usually during the holidays, period where you will find more people in the mountains. You can always look for a "mid-season" trek to have the best weather conditions with less people to share them with.
    - Ask more information to your GP: to check your vaccinations, a list of drugs to bring with you, his opinion on your expedition regarding your health.
    - Check in advance the validity of your passport if you are going abroad and be aware if a visa is requested for the place you want to visit for your trek.
    - Mark your luggage with your name and number as well as the address of the British Embassy if needed. Keep all your official and important documents aside in a waterproof case.