What is the "backpacking" activity?

    Going out there to discover the world. Okay, but you need to plan your expedition before leaving though, to avoid bad surprises. Here are our advice to prepare your journey.


    Even if backpacking defines itself as an adventure, take your time to choose your itinerary and the different steps of your journey, regarding your physical conditions, your preferences, the time you want your expedition to last and also your budget. Also consider transportation to go faster from one spot to another and the weather that will be a really important factor to take into consideration for every step of your journey.



    You will surely need a 60L backpack with another smaller. This way you won't be bothered by the bigger bag when you will get the chance to let it somewhere, you will be able to continue with the smaller one only.

    - Clothes (2 or 3 t-shirts, sweaters, convertible trousers, swimsuit, waterproof jacket, hiking shoes, scandals, 2 or 3 pairs of socks, a towel).
    - A small toilet case.
    - A first aid kit.
    - Anti-mosquitoes.
    - A watch
    - A camera.
    - A pocket knife.
    - A torch.
    - ID and official documents, Embassy's coordinates.
    - Cell phone.
    - And a good book, for the longer moments and the beach.


    One month before leaving, check the different vaccinations you will maybe need to get. Some vaccines will require several injections, all of this depends on the country or the region you are planning on visiting. You will also need to check with your insurance if you are covered in these other countries. It will be essential in case of something happening to you abroad, to get you back home safely.


    Be sure to have a valid passport and to ask for a visa if needed, depending on the place you are planning on visiting.