How to prepare your trail run?

    For your body to have enough energy to face the effort, here are the advice of Mountain specialists to have the best nutrition possible before, during and after a trail run.



    The day before the run, don't miss your pasta party! Pasta are rich in slow burning carbs that will help your body to save up energy for the day after. Don't hesitate, have a large portion!


    It is essential to be well hydrated and regularly with sweet drinks. No need to stop, you can drink while running, with a flask or a special backpack with a water pouch and a tube to drink. Be careful because, once in action, you will tend to forget to drink. You can set up an alarm on your watch to remember yourself to drink every 10 minutes or so!

    It is also important to eat during the trail. You can have cereal bars and dried fruits on you, for a carbohydrate boost during the run., that will allow you to run longer.

    The ideal is to test what you will need to have during the run when you are training to be able to prepare the right quantity of snacks you will need (drinks, cereal bars, etc...).

    If it is hot, for your body to preserve its water stock, you can add salt tablets in your drink.


    Once the run has ended, your body needs to recover. You need to keep having a good hydration with water and sweet drinks.

    Keep the carbohydrate extras as well, with dried fruits and cereal bars then add proteins bit by bit.