How to choose an hiking backpack for your child?

    When hiking for the day or even just for a few hours, a child will be proud to have his own backpack. But it has to be adapted to his size and not be too heavy.

    To protect his back: a child should not carry more than 10% to 15% of his own weight. The backpack should not go lower than his hips. For an hiking day, a 10L bag should be enough.

    Protection and comfort: prefer a backpack with foam back support and thick braces.

    Adjustable: a lot of backpacks don't have adjustable braces. But this backpack have to fit the child, not the other way around. It is essential to be able to adjust the braces easily and quickly.

    What can you put in the backpack?
    Water, but not to much, always in the idea to fit the child's needs. A small water bottle of 0.5L should be fine. You can also add a pair of gloves and a compact fleece in the bag, with a snack and maybe a camera for the memories. Don't hesitate to put your name and number on the bag to anticipate any forgettings!