Horse nutrition


    There is no shortage of opportunities to give your horse a treat. Each treat is a real delicacy for your horse, and fortified with many vitamins and minerals.

    There are different types of treat:
    To reward your horse
    - Pressed treats: easily digested, cereal-based pellets
    - Extruded treats: a lighter treat, easy to eat
    To occupy your horse
    - A self-service licking block, eaten slowly as it is licked by the horse.

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    Food supplements are vital for the ongoing growth and care of your horse, as well as during sustained periods of effort. There are different types of dietary supplements:

    Vitamin supplements

    - Improve nutritional balance, especially in a mainly cereal diet.
    - Supplies minerals, oils and vitamins.


    - Increases saliva production and promotes hydration by encouraging the horse to drink.
    - Stimulates appetite.
    - Pure salt, or oil- or mineral-enriched varieties.

    Note: Indeed, whether in the meadow or the box, your horse needs a block of salt to hand. Traditional feed is low in calcium, sodium and magnesium.


    - Resets the digestive organs and eases intestinal transit.

    Cold-liver oil

    - Pure oil to be mixed into feed.
    - Rich in vitamins, it promotes skeletal growth and strength.
    - Eases intestinal transit and gives a shiny coat.


    - Promotes a shiny coat and the growth in the hoof of cornified material.


    - Aids intestinal transit and promotes a shiny coat.

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