Horse protections

    Your horse's limbs are without doubt the area most exposed to knocks and injuries (exterior damage).
    Be it through lack of composure, or sudden movements when frightened or approaching jumps, all horses risk being victim of "attacks" at some point. There is almost no circumstance when a horse can do without protection.


    Designed mainly for your horse's front legs, brush boots, tendon boots, riding boots and travel boots are all designed protect your horse from knocks and injuries, and sometimes to support the tendons. There are two types of boot:
    - Closed boots, protecting the tendons, the cannon and the fetlock, can be used on both the front and back legs.
    - Open boots (tendon boots) protect the tendons. They are used particularly for show-jumping. There are also corresponding fetlock boots to match, for the hind legs.

    Type of horse Shetland pony Pony Small Horse Horse
    Boots' size SHT PS CS FS

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    While other boots are designed more for the front legs, fetlock boots are the most practical for the hind legs. Their sole purpose is to protect the inner fetlock, to prevent the left hind leg knocking against the right, or vice-versa. They do not support the tendons.

    If you really want to protect the hind tendons, specially adapted tendon boots are available (either mixed front-/hind-leg use, or specific to the hind legs). See our sizing chart below:

    Type of horse Shetland pony Pony Small Horse Horse
    Fetlock boots' size SHT PS CS FS

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    These are used to protect the limbs when working, especially if your horse has sensitive skin. They are very easy to apply, and close with a self-gripping strap. They are used without flannel.

    Polo wraps offer excellent tendon support, especially when working on the flat.

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    Bell boots (or overreach boots) are worn only on the front legs. They are designed to protect the front legs from any damage that your horse may do with the hind legs, so it's important for the boot to cover the whole of the back of the hoof, regardless of how much the front is protected.

    Two kinds of bell boot are available: open (attached using Velcro or specific fastenings) and closed, which are slipped onto the foot in one piece.

    Bell boots are recommended for jumping, for transport, or for lunging. They are available in two materials:
    - Textile bell boots are very easy to put on and are lightweight for the horse.
    - Rubber bell boots are more specifically suited to jumping.

    Type of horse Shetland Pony or Pony B Pony C/D Small Horse Medium Horse Large Horse
    Bell boots' size XS S M L XL