How to choose your badminton shuttlecocks?

    Early badminton shuttlecocks were formed by attaching feathers to a cork, and whilst the initial design has been refined, the form of the shuttlecock still owes much to these origins. As this evolution in the design process has taken place, various varieties of shuttlecock offering differing performance qualities have evolved.


    Beginner players should look for a shuttlecock that offers optimum solidity in order to make playing rallies easier and also good value. Shuttlecocks comprised of a firm base and a plastic skirt will meet both of these requirements.

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    Intermediate players playing around twice per week will have developed their technique to the point where they can regular centre the shuttle. Therefore whilst solidity is still important, a good level of comfort and feel on impact is also valuable to help them improve further as players. Intermediate players should look for a shuttle comprised of a cork base and a plastic skirt as a good balance between these two factors.

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    Advanced players with a refined technique will be very confident in their ability to centre the shuttlecock, and will therefore prioritise control and comfort over stability. At this level, players will consider whether to use feathered shuttlecocks which can provide this level of control, and will again look for a cork base.

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    Shuttlecocks specifically designed for playing badminton outdoors are also available. When playing badminton outdoors, it is important to consider the wind conditionswhen choosing a suitable shuttlecock.

    Lighter shuttlecocks weighing around 6.3g will be ideal for mild wind conditions or indoor use, but as wind conditions increase it will be necessary to use a heavier shuttlecock, with heavier shuttlecocks weighing around 8.7g most suitable for strong wind conditions, with weights in between available for moderate winds.

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