Freeride or Freestyle Rollerskates

    How to choose your freeride or freestyle roller skates?

    Inline skating requires a certain mastery of the body. Here you can read all our tips to help you choose the right skates.

    • Understanding your inline skates
    • Freeride skates
    • Freestyle skates

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    understanding your freeride or freestyle roller skate1) ABEC
    ABEC is a rating system applied to bearings. The lower the ABEC, the slower the bearing's rotation. For children, choose ABEC 1 bearings, which will allow them to develop their balance.

    2) Toughness and diameter of the wheels
    The toughness of the wheels is indicated by an "A" rating. For example, a 78A wheel is a soft wheel. It will be more comfortable and will grip the ground better, but as a result will tend to wear out more quickly. An 88A wheel, meanwhile, is harder. It will have a more reactive contact with the ground and will wear out more slowly.

    3) Toughness and diameter of the wheels on freestyle skates
    Freestyle skates have smaller wheels for better handling and speed control.

    4) Choosing between composite and aluminium frames
    - Composite frames are more flexible to wear and more comfortable to use. They absorb vibration but are slightly less responsive.
    - Aluminium frames are better suited to advanced skaters. They are stiffer and more responsive, giving increased feel and precision.


    If the city is your playground and you enjoy an intense ride, freeride skates are the skates for you. Freeriding is the ultimate in urban skating. Freeride skates are suited to all-round skaters who are as at home with jumps or a slalom as with intensive longer-distance skating. Responsive and easy to manoeuvre, freeride skates can be used for nearly all kinds of skating.


    Designed for use on the street or in the skatepark, freestyle skates are particularly suited to young riders, whether just starting out or developing their skills. If you enjoy an intense ride, and like tricks, gaps, ramps or curves, freestyle skates are the choice for you.