Quad Roller Skates

    How to choose your quad roller skates?

    Quad skating requires some mastery of the body, balance and perseverance. To skate safely, it is fundamental to evolve at your own pace without skipping certain stages of the learning process.

    In this advice guide you'll find all the information you need to choose the right skates for your age and skill level.

    • Understanding your skates
    • Quads, the ultimate in vintage skating
    • Beginners' to advanced quad skates
    • Advanced to expert quad skates

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    understanding your junior roller skate1) ABEC
    ABEC is a rating system applied to bearings. The lower the ABEC, the slower the bearing's rotation. For children, choose ABEC 1 bearings, which will allow them to develop their balance.

    2) Toughness and diameter of the wheels
    The toughness of the wheels is indicated by an "A" rating. For example, a 78A wheel is a soft wheel. It will be more comfortable and will grip the ground better, but as a result will tend to wear out more quickly. An 88A wheel, meanwhile, is harder. It will have a more reactive contact with the ground and will wear out more slowly.

    3) Choosing between composite and aluminium frames
    - Composite frames are more flexible to wear and more comfortable to use. They absorb vibration but are slightly less responsive.
    - Aluminium frames are better suited to advanced skaters. They are stiffer and more responsive, giving increased feel and precision.


    Quads are the original roller skates. First appearing over 30 years ago, they developed very quickly, later evolving into the inline skates that are so well known today. Fans of four-wheel skating remain devoted to this original form of skating. Quad skates are manoeuvrable, stable and comfortable, like wearing basketball shoes.

    Quad skates are used today for a variety of activities, such as leisure skating, racing, jumping or even artistic dance.

    The main advantage of this kind of skate is that their boot can be customised according to the skater's taste. It is still best, however, to opt for a higher boot for better ankle support, and to choose a boot with a thick enough sole to absorb shocks when jumping.


    If you want to discover the age-old skill of four-wheel skating, and want stability, comfort and style, look no further: the quad skate is the solution to meet your needs.

    Beginners should opt for a composite frame. Although slightly less responsive, its flexible materials will make for a more comfortable glide, and will absorb vibrations more effectively.

    Make sure the wheels are wide and soft enough to prevent falls and to aid you in perfecting your balance.

    The Quad 5 Oxelo is ideal for skating at this level.


    Now you have reached a certain level, you want more from your skates: you're looking for a skate that's more responsive.

    From this point on you can opt for skates with an aluminium frame, which is more responsive and precise than a composite frame.

    Opt for a skate with slightly tougher wheels than a beginner's skate. The wheels should still be quite wide, to keep the same level of comfort that you enjoyed with your old skates.

    The Quad 7 Oxelo will meet your needs. With Kryptonics 62 wheels, it is the standard against which all other four-wheel skates are judged.