How to protect yourself during practice?

    Rugby, like other sports, makes intensive demands on your body. To avoid needless injury and to improve your enjoyment and comfort when playing, remember to use protective equipment.

    Protective rugby equipment is very useful for withstanding repeated impact, for shielding a previous injury and for protecting one or more sensitive parts of the body.

    It also allows players, especially younger players, to play less apprehensively and to enter more easily into contact during play.

    The range of protective rugby equipment is based around three product categories:

    - Scrum caps to protect your cranium, ears and temples. These are perfectly adapted to the shape of your head, contain foam in line with IRB regulations (the International Rugby Board, a coordinating organisation that develops the rules of rugby), and are aerated to allow sweat to escape easily.

    - Shoulder pads to protect your torso.

    - Mouth guard, adapted to the shape of your mouth, to protect your teeth at moments of impact.

    Why wear rugby shoulder pads?

    Rugby shoulder pads are designed to protect different areas of your torso: the fragile areas and areas used in play.

    Each of these areas is reinforced with foam to cushion against repeated impact.

    It is important to choose the right shoulder pads according to your playing level and according to which parts of your torso you want to protect.

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