What are the best heart rate monitors?

    Your heart rate monitor gives me the opportunity to train with more efficiency.


    Pick the right size for your running shoesWith your heart rate monitor, you can control your heart rate during or after a session. It is also easy with a heart monitor to transfer the data on a computer to analyze them!

    It is very important to choose your heart rate monitor to fulfil your needs. Some people would rather monitor their heart rate; some would evaluate their performances,optimize them or even burn calories. If you want to enjoy even more your heart rate monitor, you can have one with the GPS function and to have a more complete analysis of your performances.

    With the help of your heart rate monitor, you will be able to control your speed and the distance you will run through. Manufacturers usually have software sold with their products to follow and analyze your progressions. Now, you can compare them to your friends’ and other runners.

    The good reasons to use a heart rate monitor
    Choose your heart rate monitor regarding your level and your ambitions! The most competitive runners will use the most advanced heart rate monitors.


    Your weight is to take into accountA GPS monitor is for people who want to plan their runs and know everything about their itinerary (with a computer or Google Earth), their speed, their pace.

    Your GPS monitor will easily show you the way while you are running. It will increase your training sessions with its analyses of the area.

    Your GPS monitor can also work with a heart rate monitor.

    How to choose my GPS monitor?
    There is several types of GPS monitor. Each type got its price and its features. We separate here occasional runners from performing runners. The more intensive performances you are looking for, the more advanced functions your GPS monitor will need, from the pedometer to the complete analysis of your running schedule, time, speed, distance.