Trekking on snowshoes calls for good preparation. Vincent, head of Nordic products at Quechua, guides you through selecting the right kit for your next hike in the snow.

    Snowshoes should be chosen according to your planned activity: a walk, a hike, or a long trek.

    In addition, manufacturers design various shapes and sizes of snowshoe to suit different walkers' builds. A snowshoe's "lift" (its ability to remain on top of the surface of the snow) depends on the weight of the walker (plus the weight of their backpack). Women or smaller-built walkers should choose snowshoes with a narrower head, while larger-built walkers will need a wider-headed shoe.

    Quechua brand:
    Small and large build = - 90kg

    Inook brand:
    - Small build = 40 to 80kg
    - Large build = 55 to 110kg

    TSL brand:
    Small build = 40-80kg
    Large build = 50-120kg

    We also recommend using hiking poles with wide baskets to assist balance during ascents and descents. These are also very useful when faced with obstacles of all kinds while walking off-trail.