How to choose the right fins?

    Using fins is usually essential to offer you a better thrust starting on the wave and for safety as well, to reach the shore easier.

    Either way, beginner or experienced, we advise you to wear neoprene socks to protect your feet from irritation.

    If you are practising during strong weather conditions, you may need to use a leash on your fins.


    If you are surfing occasionally on the beach. Adjustable fins will suit you best and will make your debuts easier.

    An adjustable neoprene sock will be able to suit different people.

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    If you want to improve your thrust with fins, to be able to enter bigger waves and with more energy, you will surely need rubber fins, which are the best kind for this practice.

    Warning: if you are not trained, fins can give you cramps if you choose too rigid ones.

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