Discover kitesurfing


    KiteSurfing, also known as KiteBoard, KiteBoarding, FlySurf or SkySurf depending of the country, was imagined during the 60's by several board sports fans.

    The kitesurf or flying board is considered as a traction watersport.

    This sport involves surfing with a board, specially made for this activity (smaller or more regular, a twintip), and being pulled by a kite, called the wing.

    The pilot controls the kitesurf with a bar, linked to the wing, 20 or 30 meters higher.

    Two to five lines are in place between the bar and the wing.

    The most current wings are inflatable and usually composed of 4 lines and some wings are now made with 5 lines to add more comfort and safety.


    Aaron Hadlow is a British professional kitesurfer. He won 4 times the world title of the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association.

    Jérémy Eloy, born in 1978 in France, was, in 2006, the first kitesurfer to ever surf on the Teahupoo, a wave in Tahiti, known as the most dangerous wave in the world.

    Alexandre Caizerguesis a French kitesurfer, the first one to surf past the 100 km/h on a kitesurf.