How to choose the right kitesurfing wing?

    The size of kitesurfing wings is usually between 5 m² and 18 m². You have to learn how to choose the best for you.


    c shaped kitesurfing wingC-shaped wings are available with 4 or 5 lines. 4-lines wings will allow you to maneuver the bar from 30 to 50%, where 5-lines (created in 2004) wings go from 70 to 80%. C-Kites are called this way because they look like the letter C. They are advised for freestyle and expert kitesurfers.

    bow kitesurfing wingThe Bow wing's concept is an alternative to the C-shaped kite. Its shape is less marked, with a wider and flatter central part. The bow kite is more efficient for variable winds or to resist bursts. You will need to have a certain level to be able to use this type of wing. If you are a freerider, this wing was made for you.

    hybrid kitesurfing wingHybrid wings (between the long-bow and C-shaped types) are more multitask (even freestylers will use it). They are the latest evolution of the bow kite concept. Now, you can find several kinds of hybrid wings with 4 or 5 lines. You can guide your kitesurf from 90 to 100%, with less sensations though. These are the perfect wings for beginners, they offer more stability and safety.

    delta kitesurfing wingDelta wings offer the same guiding properties than the hybrid wings but you will be able to pilot them easier. Their wider size will give you more stability, even if they are more technical to use.


    You are not experienced yet and you want an initiation to this sport. To learn how to practise kitesurfing, you will look for a wing that has the following properties.


    Your wing is resistant and doesn't fall through.


    The wind impression on the wing will be less important. You will have the possibility to counterbalance this factor directly with the bar.

    Take off

    Your wing will often fall back in the water because of your lack of experience of the moment. You will manage to avoid this with training. But for the time being, you will need a wing that takes off more quickly.

    Bow and Hybrid wings are the best equipment for beginners.


    From a certain level, you will have learnt your style. Are you a freerider, a freestyler, a speed adept?


    All kinds of wings will suit you. Choose your wing depending on the wind. Hybrid kites are designed to support stronger winds. C-kites will be for weaker winds. The bow type kind of wing could be use in all conditions.


    A C-shaped wing will give you more sensations. Hybrid wings are now more developed and will be recommended for a freestyler.


    A hybrid wing will allow you to maneuver quicker and easier.


    Here are the recommended sizes regarding your weight and the wind force.

    C-Shaped Wing
    Weight (kg) Surface (m²)
    50 to 60 9 to 10
    60 to 70 11 to 12
    70 to 80 12 to 14
    80 to 90 14 to 16
    Hybrid Wing
    Weight (kg) Surface (m²)
    50 to 60 7 to 9
    60 to 70 9 to 11
    70 to 80 12 to 13
    80 to 90 14 to 15