How to choose your kitesurfing harness?


    Beginner or experienced, you have to choose the right harness. The choice will rest on your practice style (freeride, freestyle, race...), your comfort and your support.

    The harness is the junction between the wing and the body. Guiding the wing is going to be possible thanks to this part of your equipment. This is why the harness is such an important part of the equipment and if not adapted to your body could cause back issues.


    The seat harness

    The seat harness is worn like a short with straps under the thighs.

    - Recommended for beginners
    - Safer with the straps
    - Seated position to avoid back issues
    - Lower centre of gravity

    The waist harness

    The waist harness is worn higher than the seat harness and must fit you perfectly not to go up during practice.

    - More movements possible
    - Adapted to the freestyle and for stronger waves