The benefits of board sports for the body and the mind

    For people who like outside activities, the beach, the shore and the sea are truly great areas to play, to practice, to enjoy, to revitalize... everything you need for your welfare.


    The sea and the shore are natural environments which give plenty of resources to the body, helping you to release the tension and relax.

    Walking barefoot on the sand for example is great for the feet, it rubs the foot and gives a great relaxing sensation.

    The movement of the waves are benefic to your body as well for your body, even during games or bathing or watersports.


    More challenging, surfing will give you a stunning body very quickly. Practising surf is more accessible these days thanks to the new panel of equipment from Tribord.

    A board, a leash, a top, your coolest swimsuit, a short and you are ready to go!

    You use your arms to go for the waves and it’s surfing time. This way, you can work on your arms, your upper-body and your chest, your legs are solicited too when you are standing up on the board.

    Keeping your balance on the board will make you work on your back and your abdominals, this will to stand up will be really efficient for the legs.

    Having fun, feeling free, exerting yourself, working on your body... You can have everything with surfing!