Skin colour: How to choose the colour of your swimsuit?

    Everyone has different skin, hair and eyes colours... And these particularities are gonna make you change during summer but you can highlight these colours with the colour of your swimsuit.

    Here are some tips to help and guide you in your choices to associate your skin colour and the colour of your swimsuit. The skin colour is the factor that determines the colour of your swimsuit.

    If you have white skin and you don't tan easily

    Your colours will be more intense (white, black, red...) and if you want to go for brown, you will have to choose a dark one. Try not to go for yellow or orange swimsuits.

    If you have bright skin, non-tanned

    You will prefer dark or pastel colours, but no bright colours. In the dark colours panels, go from dark blue to black. Greys, pinks and other turquoises are your colours.

    If you have bright skin and you tan easily

    Your colours are warm, golden browns, chocolates, yellow and orange tones.

    If you have dark skin

    You can really choose any colour you want, but what is going to have more impact is to bet on the contrasts, with bright colours or white. These colours will suit you best.