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Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black



Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black

VAT included
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
  • Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
Bodyboard 900 - Green / Black
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Not available online

Designed for advanced bodyboarders looking for speed, grip and air in all conditions. Can be used in prone and drop knee position. Leash not included.


Ergonomic grip

Firmer grip thanks to the pre-shaped nose and sides. Nose bumps.


Polypropylene (PP) core, composite stringer, Surlyn slick and mesh. NXL PE deck.


Dual channel bottom, 50/50 rails. 3 sizes for different builds and conditions.


Performance and Versatility.

While the 900 Ltd bodyboard reveals its full potential in powerful and hollow waves, the defining feature of this 900 bodyboard is its slightly more generous volume, a rounder nose and dual channels for maximum performance in a variety of conditions: Speed, traction and strength in prone and drop knee.

Premium construction, suitable for all types of conditions: Advanced level.

This bodyboard is the sturdiest in the range and is designed to make the most of all types of waves.
It is made using the best materials available on the market.
It comes with a high-density Surlyn (HDPE) slick with a built-in mesh, a PP foam core and a composite stringer.
The coating is made of NXL PE foam.
This construction provides the best possible responsiveness and strength.
This board is shaped by hand for guaranteed quality and durability.

Dimensions & Weights

40": 1023 mm x 529.5 mm x 53 mm / 1.8 kg
41.5": 1053 mm x 545 mm x 53 mm / 2 kg
43.5": 1110 mm x 574.5 mm x 53 mm / 2.1 kg

Installing the leash

This bodyboard comes with a leash plug already installed but a leash is not included. We recommend the RADBUG 900 leash.

At RADBUG, we design products for 4 levels: Novice, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

- Novices: Up to the navel, no fins, small waves < 50 cm, propulsion by pushing your feet on the ground and riding the wave to the shore. For a first wave-riding experience (bodyboard with grips).
- Beginner: Gentle turns in waves up to 1 m, propulsion with fins. A must for learning to bodyboard.
- Intermediate: Waves up to 1.50 m, more speed and the beginning of tricks (360°, El Rollo, etc.).
- Advanced: All types of waves, command of tricks, even aerial: ARS, 360°, tube...

Position yourself correctly on the bodyboard

The nose bumpers help your hands grasp it with just the right amount of grip during manoeuvres.
Keep both hands on the front of the board as you catch a wave.
To go left, keep your left hand at the front (hand, elbow and shoulder aligned, with your upper arm at 90° to your forearm) and move your right hand back down rail until it is level with your hip. Position your left leg in line with the left rail to maintain your direction.
Do the opposite to go right.

Recommendations for avoiding chafing and having the best grip on your board.

You should be lying flat on the bodyboard when catching waves. Be sure to wear a long-sleeved anti-UV top or a wetsuit to avoid chafing on your arms and torso.
We recommend you apply wax to the top of your bodyboard - especially on the front hand position, on the sides, and under your stomach - for the best grip (sold separately in the surfing aisle). Do this for each session.

This bodyboard is designed to be used with fins.

This bodyboard is designed to be used with fins in all types of waves. Making it designed for an above-the-hip water level. We recommend 500 fins or RIP asymmetric fins.
Should you wish to use the board without fins, the water must not be above hip level. In this case, propel yourself towards the beach by pushing off from the ground as the wave or foam passes.

Safety and behaviour rules for the water - Part 1.

Bodyboarding is a fantastic sport, but one that requires everyone to respect certain basic rules to preserve the safety and enjoyment of all.
1- Ask about and observe the characteristics of the spot: current, rocks, tides, the size of the waves and the crowds, etc.
2- Don’t overestimate your level, and go for an easier spot if your skills aren’t on par with the conditions.
3- Use suitable equipment: Leash, fins and board in good condition, suitable wetsuit.

Safety and behaviour rules for the water - Part 2.

4- Respect the rules of right of way on the waves: Right of way goes to the person closest to the peak.
5- Follow the direction of the wave when moving towards the peak to keep from cutting another boarder off.
6- Use fins if the water is above your hips.
7- If you’re not using fins, it’s recommended you keep to a supervised area. Lifeguards can tell you where these are.
8- Bodyboard in a group.

Do not leave out in direct heat.

When not in use, keep your bodyboard out of the sun or temperatures >50°C.
Protect your board by using a cover, putting it under a parasol, in the shade, or under a light coloured towel to keep the heat away.
Never leave it in a car in direct sunlight.
Leaving your board exposed to too much heat can cause blisters or bubbles to form on it, or even cause warping.

Durability and repairability

We choose our materials and suppliers to guarantee the best possible quality and durability. It is essential to take good care of your bodyboard in order to optimise its quality over time.
If signs of wear appear, they can usually be repaired. You are advised to view our repair tips on the page of our web site that explains how to repair a bodyboard.


RADBUG is the Decathlon brand dedicated to bodyboarding and bodysurfing.
Our ambition is to enable the greatest number to enjoy the incredible sensations you feel when bodyboarding and bodysurfing.
This sensation of gliding when in contact with the wave is pure, exhilarating and addictive.
We have set ourselves the mission of enabling everyone to get started and make progress by offering products that are easy to use and innovative.

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Protect and carry in a cover. Do not leave in direct heat when not in use. Rinse and dry in the shade after use.


Test product

Developed and tested with our technical partners. The components used for this product are laboratory-tested to ensure the best possible quality and durability.


2 Years

Agree by

Our technical partners: Lionel Medina, Nicolas Capdeville, Noah Capdeville, Ethan Capdeville, Yvon Martinez, Daute Perdomo and Victor Le Gleut.