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Keepdry 500 Kids' Base Layer - Black
  • Keepdry 500 Kids' Base Layer - Black
Keepdry 500 Kids' Base Layer - Black



Keepdry 500 Kids' Base Layer - Black

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  • Keepdry 500 Kids' Base Layer - Black
Keepdry 500 Kids' Base Layer - Black
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Our designers created this Keepdry 500 base layer for young intermediate football players working at different intensities to wear at training or matches.

The Keepdry 500 keeps you warm. It has a slim fit to wick away perspiration and keep you warm and dry. The fabric dries quickly so you feel warm and dry throughout your match.


Moisture management

The fabric quickly wicks away perspiration to keep you dry and warm.

Freedom of movement

Stretch fabric and slim fit for natural freedom of movement.

Reduced chafing

A slim-fitting base layer prevents irritation and chafing.


What our design team has to say

We have listened to your needs and come up with a response aimed at intermediate footballers. In the heat of the action, your playing pace accelerates and the intensity varies immensely. Your kit needs to be ultra-breathable to regulate your body temperature during the more intense parts of the game. Your base layer also needs to be tight against your skin to keep you warm.

Why wear a base layer?

The base layer, also known as the inner layer, helps:
. absorb perspiration and transfer it to the outside. Your skin stays dry and your body does not get cold
. retain body heat; even more so when the product is close-fitting.
. provide an additional barrier against bad weather
. keep your football shirt dry, even when you're running hard.

Playing with a technical base layer keeps you on the pitch for longer.


This under-jersey top is made from a weave of a polyester thread that helps wick away perspiration, and a polyamide thread for greater softness. These two materials, combined with elastane, ensure excellent comfort.


A special mesh knit is used to ensure greater effectiveness in perspiration areas.

Thermal regulation

The combination of materials and technology provides excellent thermal regulation, allowing you to play in intense conditions without catching a chill.


The range of available colours makes it easy to match with T-shirts and shorts worn in matches.