City5 Protect 700x45 Tyre - ETRTO 44-622

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    Designed for regular use of a hybrid bike for city cycling and everyday journeys.

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    Product benefits
    1. Grip
      Grooved tread for excellent grip on wet ground.
    2. Puncture resistance
      1 mm thick puncture-resistant layer provides good protection against punctures.
    3. Efficiency
      Semi-slick tread gives it good performance.
    4. Visibility
      Reflective safety strips on the sides help you stay clearly visible in town.
    5. Weight
      910 g. Stiff bead.
    6. Lightweight
      Weight: 870 g. Stiff bead.
    • Usage
      Roads, paths and trails
    • Tyre size
    • Bead
    • ETRTO
    • TPI
    • Weight
      870 g
    Product feature
    1. How to measure tyre wear
      To measure the wear on your city bike's tyres and to know when they need replacing, you need to inspect the tread. Usual signs of wear include: - tread starting to fray - the appearance of a series of micro cracks - low tread depth - the carcass becomes visible. In all these cases the tyre is worn and needs replacing.
    2. How to remove a tyre
      To remove your tyre, you need to deflate the inner tube until no more air comes out. Once deflated, use a tyre lever to remove the tyre from the rim.
    3. How to fit a tyre
      To put the tyre back on, place one side of the tyre into the bottom of the rim. Next, inflate your inner tube to approximately 30% before putting it into the tyre (inflating it beforehand reduces the risk of pinching the inner tube). Then, place the other side of the tyre into the rim, starting on the side opposite the valve. Before inflating the inner tube all the way, check to make sure it isn't pinched between the tyre and the rim.
    4. How to inflate your tyre correctly
      Inflate your tyre with caution. The recommended pressure is indicated on the side of your tyre. Also, before each outing, make sure that your tyres are at the correct pressure for your ride.
    5. Tip from the pros
      When inflating your tyre, make sure you inflate it to the suitable pressure for the terrain you will be riding on and, above all, the weather conditions you will be riding in. When riding in rainy weather, lower the tyre pressure to increase the tyre's traction. On the other hand, when riding in dry weather, increase the pressure for better performance.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Membrane : 80.0% Rubber - Natural Rubber (NR) - Latex, 20.0% Rubber - Synthetic
    2. Approved by
      The Wheel Energy laboratory, certified and recognised by the leading global brands, measures several different criteria: grip, cushioning, resistance to wear, longevity, performance.
    3. Storage advice
      This is a stiff bead tyre, to avoid damaging it, do not fold it. Store it in its original shape.
    4. Product restrictions
      Be sure to follow the inflation pressure indicated on the tyre
    5. Product catchline
      B'twin City 5 Protect 700x45 stiff bead tyre for your urban journeys.
    6. Lab tested
      At B'Twin we design the tyres of tomorrow. Our R&D engineers create prototypes at our international headquarters in Lille, France. These are then tested in our laboratories and approved for use by our professional cycling team to ensure outstanding qualit
    Product reviews
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    31 reviews
    28 users recommend this product
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    • Puncture ? What puncture ?

      JIM (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      About two and a half years ago I decided to chuck a couple of 45s on my hybrid to give me a bit more comfort on what is left of the road surface in the U.K. I do cycle a lot of miles and it was normal for me to get at least two puncture a month with my old 35s, I did not realise it at the time of purchase but the tire from decathlon had puncture protect and to my disbelief I was not getting any more punctures after fitting them. I have had zero punctures for two and a half years !!! I always thought this "puncture resistance" marketing was a load of rubbish but no it actually works and I would thoroughly recommend anyone to get these puncture protect tires as they are awesome. Unfortunately Decathlon don't seem to sell the 45s with the big grip on them any more and I ended up buying in error the tire that I'm leaving the review for. This particular tire has about as much grip as a space hopper and I have to run it low to get any grip at all which causes a bit of drag however fully inflated the bike does roll well, I would advise any one who needs the grip to purchase the 42s which on this occasion I wish I has done.
      Just a side note when inspecting my old 45s I found bits of glass and thorns dug into the tire and I could literally pick them out as they has got stuck in the tread of the tire and just couldn't get any further Its brilliant !
    • Gute Reifen

      Uwe (Germany)
      Used for 1 week or less
      Die Reifen sind für den Preis unschlagbar nicht einmal 10€ habe sie auf dem City-Fahrrad meiner Frau montiert und die ist zufrieden würde sie wieder kaufen
    • Más resistente a pinchazos.

      Fernando (Spain)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Buenos consejos en la tienda.
    • en route

      Stephane (France)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      amélioration constaté dès le premier trajet sur route en comparaison avec ancien pneu ( VTC), comme indiqué, faiblesse sur chemin non bitumé.
    • conforme

      RACHID (France)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      beau esthétiquement
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