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Thank you for placing your trust in us by purchasing our SUBEA products.

However, if you have purchased one of this products, between JANUARY 1, 2020 and JULY 31th 2021 includedwe ask you to stop using the product.

product recall

As part of our quality and safety procedures, we have identified a potential risk of leakage on a batch of high pressure hose connecting the pressure gauge to the regulator. For other batch numbers, you can continue to use your product.

The number of the affected lot is 854/19.

Where can I find this lot number?

1) Slide off the black protective sleeve located on the pressure gauge crimp ring 

2) Observe the information located on the crimp ring

3) If the lot number is 854/19, you can bring your product back to the store

As a precaution, we invite you to return your product to your nearest store for a refund or to replace it with the same product if it is available in the store. 

In case you have purchased the Subea SCD Diving Pressure Gauge (8397258) or the Subea SCD manometer / depth gauge console (8485008), please disassemble it from the rest of your equipment.

How do I disassemble the Pressure Gauge or Console from my equipment?

Slide the black protective sleeve located on the pressure gauge crimping ring 

With a monkey wrench, unscrew the Manometer or Console from the first stage of the regulator

CAUTION: Do not use your equipment before replacing the Manometer or Console

If you prefer this action to be done by our services, you can bring your equipment to your nearest DECATHLON store. 

However, your equipment will be immobilized for some time before it is returned to you.

Our Customer Relation Center is available to answer any questions you may have :


We thank you for your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Julien JACQUEME, Leader of the SUBEA Plongée brand

8 rue des Orangers

Quai de Florida