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If you have purchased the following product: LJ 150 N + harness NEW, between 12 April 2021 and 27 August 2021

You are concerned by this information note.

Product’s name: LJ150 N + HARNESS NEW 


model code: 8641609

Do not use your lifejacket and return it to the store.

As part of our quality and safety procedures, the Tribord teams have identified a potential risk on the harness.

In very rare cases, there is a risk that the harness may fail if you fall overboard. This defect does not affect the buoyancy of the product, but it may mean that you are no longer attached to your boat, making it unsafe to use.

We pay close attention to the quality of the safety products we design for our users and we do not want to take any risks and have therefore decided to recall this product.

We invite you to return your product for a refund to the store of your choice.

Our Customer Relation Center is available to answer any questions you may have :


We thank you for your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience caused.