D Soft * Delta flying disc

    Designed for gliding when thrown flat over short distances. For 2 or more players from the age of 4 years. Ideal for beginners.

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    Product benefits
    1. Impact protection
      Impact protection
      Lightweight and soft, its foam structure is ideal for children.
    2. Distance
      Short distance. Up to 20 m
    3. Precision
      Its shape and density give it a good flight quality.
    • Material
    Product feature
    1. Flight quality
      We have worked on the weight and shape of the DSoft flying disc in order to make a foam frisbee with a good flight quality. Its leading edge and its weight give it good stability.
    2. Features
      Weight: 90 grams Diameter: 20.5 cm
    3. Anti-shock foam component
      The foam component makes it easier to catch the frisbee. It is safe for children to use.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Structure : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU)
    2. Storage advice
      Store in a dry, ventilated place. Dry before storing.
    3. Cleaning advice
      Rinse in fresh water after contact with sea water. Do not machine wash.
    4. Product restrictions
      Use in an open space.
    5. Product catchline
      Ideal for children, it does not hurt to catch it and floats on water. Easy to use, its foam structure enables it to absorb shocks. Diameter: 20.5 cm
    6. Lab tested
      Designed and tested by our teams in Hendaye, France. The Tribord global design centre is located on the banks of the Bidassoa river in Hendaye. This allows us to design products in contact with users and in the marine environment.
    Product reviews
    4.5 / 5
    4 reviews
    4 users recommend this product
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    • Cool frisbee

      Hannah (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Great frisbee for kids to play with. We took it to the beach, was easy for different aged children (and adults) to throw and catch due to it being soft material. Light and easy to transport too.
    • Soft frisbee

      irene (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Had lots of fun with this nice and light easy to throw
    • A bit of fun

      Neil (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      This is great for a bit of fun while out and about camping or on a picnic. Being soft it can be thrown in a bag or back of the car or pannier without worry. Also there is less worry of breaking something if you use it in the garden (though it's heavier than a frisbee).

      The aerodynamics of the disc mean it's not as good as a rigid frisbee but it works for a bit of fun.
      Flexible, soft
      Flight time, heavier than a frisbee
    • Tribod Soft Frisbee

      Dave (United Kingdom)
      Used for More than 1 year
      Great fun to be had with all ages as this frisbee is so soft it can't hurt or injure younger catchers or do to much damage to property if playing at an indoor pool. Fun yes, only down side is that it won't last long if you like to compete and snatch off each other as the stnes is also a weakness.
      It's soft and doesn't hurt when it hits you!
      Could be a little more indestructible