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  • Children's freestyle all mountain snowboard, Endzone 120 cm
Children's freestyle all mountain snowboard, Endzone 120 cm

Junior snowboard bindings, Faky 300 Black, White and Yellow

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  • Children's freestyle all mountain snowboard, Endzone 120 cm
Children's freestyle all mountain snowboard, Endzone 120 cm
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Designed with a simple, quick-release mechanism and a single loop, they make it easy for young snowboarders to get their boots on all by themselves




Good foot support at high speed on blue to black pistes.
Fast acting

Fast acting

A single tightening buckle: adding/removing your bindings is child's play.


Numerous adjustments: fits lots of junior snowboard boots.


EVA foam at the toes and heels.
Anatomic design

Anatomic design

Size S: 2 to 5.


Conventional fastening: pump up to the required level of support. No limit.


Pair of bindings + 2 discs + 8 x 16 mm screws compatible with discs + 8 washers


With boards with normal inserts or Burton channel (not Burton 3D-compatible)


A word from the product manager

By observing kids, we have found that, like their parents, they want to be get their bindings on/off unaided. Two-buckle fasteners take longer to handle. The single binding, with an asymmetrical strap, is more than enough, even for kids who are proficient at snowboarding with a mix of speed, carved turns and jumps.

Single-buckle opening mechanism

This binding is composed of a single buckle that firmly tightens the ankle, although an asymmetrical strap still covers the toes, which is needed for backside turns. It's the easiest choice for kids!

Adjustment options

The original settings are suitable for most users. Nevertheless, you can adjust them:
- the canting of the spoiler
the pre-drilled front ratchets. You can move it forward (for sizes 3.5 to 5.5) or back (sizes 2 and 2.5). You have to unscrew the binding.
- the volume of the strap with pre-drilled racks

Stance, binding spacings

Can be adapted according to kids’ body shape but be aware that all snowboards have a recommended stance for bindings (shown by a mark between the binding inserts). Increasing the stance width will lower your position on the board and improve stability. It also makes it easier to complete rotations in the air. On freestyle boards, the recommended stance width is generally wider than on all-mountain boards.

How do I change foot positioning on the board?

For piste / off-piste boards:
If you want to tighten the feet then it’s best to move the binding forwards only.
On the other hand, If you want to move the feet apart then it’s best to move the binding backwards. The aim is to be a little further back to take the bends better on piste and to float on the powder snow.
For freestyle boards (symmetrical):
It is best to move the 2 bindings to remain centred on the board.

At what angle should I put my snowboard bindings?

For a freeride programme, we recommend +18° at the front and 0° at the rear.
For a on/off-piste use on all types of snow, we recommend +18° and -6°. The open position of the rear foot helps you keep your shoulders in line with the board.
In pure freestyle use, don't hesitate to choose completely symmetrical angles, e.g. +15° and -15°.
The choice of angle on the bindings is very personal so don’t hesitate to test a few to find what suits the kid best.

Don't forget to centre your boot on your snowboard!

Disc bindings with 4 screws can slide along a single axis and generally have 5 possible settings. This setting is used to centre the boot on the snowboard and prevent the foot from protruding over the edge of the board too much (otherwise you will fall!). Make sure that your boot goes over the 2 sides of the board equally. You can also rotate the disc 90° to increase or decrease the stance in relation to that provided by the inserts. In this case, the bindings can’t be centred laterally.

Compatibility with Burton Channel boards

The Burton snowboard brand has its own system for mounting bindings: the Channel. The binding is screwed onto 2 mobile inserts present when purchasing the board.
Our disc allows this binding to be mounted on the channel, because the holes make such mounting possible.
On the other hand, the screws supplied with our discs are not compatible in diameter. The Burton insert is also different from the rest of the market. You’ll need to buy Burton screws.

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Before each outing, tighten all the screws of the bindings. Storing for the summer: you can leave the bindings on the snowboard.


Test product

All Decathlon products are tested actual conditions of use for which they were designed. Under the snow, in the cold, in all weather conditions when snowboarding on powder, in the snowpark, or on the runs. Our design teams, product managers, engineers and pattern makers ensure the product's design corresponds perfectly to its real-world use.


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