FRENDO foldable solar charger 7W & 5000 mAh

    Designed for OCCASIONAL to INTENSIVE athletes who wish to charge their electronic devices at any time during their outdoor activities.

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    Characteristics Designed for OCCASIONAL to INTENSIVE athletes who wish to charge their electronic devices at any time during their outdoor activities.
    Product Benefits
    1. Power
      Sun charger with 2 foldable panels of 3.5W - 6V each, i.e. a total of 7W
    2. Autonomy
      Includes a Li-Ion 5000 mAh battery, USB or sun rechargeable
    3. Versatility
      Comes with a USB cord (30cm) and adaptors for Nokia, Iphone 4, Mini & micro USB
    4. Ease of use
      The battery features a charge indicator & a charge level indicator.
    5. Easy transport
      Easy attachment with 2 clamps and length-adjustable top strap
    • Weight
      465 grams (charger + battery weight, accessories excluded)
    Product testing
    1. Storage advice
      Before storing for a long period of time, remember to charge your "solar charging case" by at least 50% to maintain battery quality and performance
    2. Product catchline
      Its compact design and feather weight make this FRENDO sun charger a very transportable panel. It has a large energy storage capacity with its 5000mAh Li-Ion battery.
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    • Impressed so far

      Ged (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      I’ve been looking for a Solar Charger but being put off by poor reviews. Solar only devices don’t seem to work unless large panels and I require compact and lightweight for walking, camping and festivals.
      Many devices charge a battery which in turn charges a USB device as does Frendo Power Sun 7W.
      The majority advertised have Solar panels the size of the battery casing and seem to be near useless for Solar Charging. The majority seem to be ok as a pre-charged power pack but you can pay less and get a good quality one without Solar.
      Power Sun 7W has a 5000mAh battery which can be pre charged, plus a fold out array of 2 160x160mm panels fixed in a webbing case. The battery is size of a smart phone fixed to the back of one of the panels. It has fixings to attach to a rucksack or hang on tent and folds up to a 200x200mm pack, 40mm thick where the battery is. A webbing pocket next to the battery large enough to hold a Moto-G smartphone for tidy storage while charging.
      Day1 afternoon I unpacked and stood in window facing a strong May sun in N. England. The 0-25% blue lights were flashing so it was low or empty. Left overnight, the morning exposed it to bright indirect light then after noon bright direct sunlight again.
      Day2 evening it was flashing 75-100% so I took it away from window and connected an almost flat mp3 player to the battery USB output. Later the mp3 player was fully charged and replaced with a Muvi camera which started about quarter charged. Before bed, the camera was fully charged. As the Frendo still showed 50-75% I connected my Moto-G smartphone overnight.
      Day3 morning and Moto-G was fully charged. The Frendo still showing 25-50% I connected a mini-iPad which was showing 18% charge. The Frendo dropped to 0-25% but started charging the iPad-mini which reached 35% before the Frendo gave up. This was a good demonstration of compatibility across devices and power storage. I also noticed that it seems to auto cut out once the device if fully charged.
      I noticed when the Frendo was finally exhausted because the mini iPad screen was alternately coming on showing charging 35% then clearing then activating again. When I connected the iPad-mini I also put the Frendo back in sun and it seems as if the circuitry was switching on and off as it tried to deal with some power input form the solar panel whilst more was being demanded by the iPad-mini. I suspect it will accept a trickle solar charge whilst it has power helping it last a little longer but it is not suitable for Solar charging if the battery is exhausted.
      I will be pre-charging from a mains adapter before trips. I think it will work well charging my mobile devices overnight and leaving it the light during the day to top up.
      The quality of the Power Sun 7 suggests that the 3.5 would also be good. The 3000mAh capacity would have been plenty for me. However, the panels on the 7W are a lot larger and should drag more charge out of a dull day so I think I’ll be glad in the long run
      Good Compatibility, Capacity and Charging Rate
      none so far