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Camping Shower Cubicle
  • Camping Shower Cubicle
  • Camping Shower Cubicle
  • Camping Shower Cubicle
Camping Shower Cubicle



Camping Shower Cubicle

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  • Camping Shower Cubicle
  • Camping Shower Cubicle
  • Camping Shower Cubicle
Camping Shower Cubicle

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Our team of campers created this 2Seconds shower cubicle to shelter you from indiscreet looks and the wind, so you can have a shower or change while camping.

A great product in which you can shower or change comfortably wherever you want. It is extremely compact when packed away. It also mounts instantly, thanks to 2Seconds technology.


Easy opening / closing

Mounts instantly with 2Seconds technology | Ground mat: 90 x 90 cm


Fabric screen to protect from onlookers

Ease of use

Height : 2 m | Base: 1 sqm | Designed to be used with a solar shower

Easy transport

Compact | Dimensions with bag closed: 62 x 6 cm / 1 handle


Weight: 1.9kg



This cubicle does not have a roof to let light through and make space for a hanging solar shower. If you are using the Quechua pressure shower, you have a rip-tab on the cubicle wall where you can affix the one on the shower hose.
We have made the ground mat larger for added comfort. The mat is removable. There is a strap for hanging your towel. Tip! Keep the clothes you'll be changing into in the cubicle bag and hang them from the outside hook.

Recommendations for use

After assembling the cubicle, we recommend that you secure it with the 4 pegs for better stability and to make it more wind resistant. Warning! The fabric may be slightly transparent at night-time when you have a light on inside the cubicle. We have chosen a lightweight fabric that isn't too thick to make it luminous during the day.

Maintenance advice

Our cubicle has been designed for occasional outdoor use (4 weeks per year) when camping or in the great outdoors. Continued exposure to UV rays over several weeks can damage the fabric. This product is not classified as “garden furniture” and isn’t designed to be left outdoors permanently. To guarantee maximum durability of your cubicle, it's important to store it when not in use.