30-Litre Roller Bag Essential - Red

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    Size : 30L
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Product benefits -
  1. Volume
    30-litre capacity. Carry-on size. Dimensions = 50 x 32 x 20 cm.
  2. Multiple compartments
    3 compartments. (1 main compartment, 1 boot pocket, 1 smaller pocket).
  3. Eco-design
    We dye every other thread to reduce the product's environmental impact.
  4. Durability
    Lab tested: load resistance (jerk test) and intense rolling.
  5. Stability
    Rigid system that keeps your bag vertical.
  6. Content ventilation
    Ventilation eyelets keep the boot pocket ventilated.
  7. Customisation
    Pocket and card for adding your contact information.
Product feature
  1. Design
    Transporting sports gear requires some organisation, so we designed a bag with compartments and a boot pocket to keep your clean clothes separate from your dirty ones (after a practice or match), and/or clothes separate from boots. We've also added a front pocket for storing small personal items.
  2. Dimensions and weight.
    Height = 20 cm Length = 50 cm Width = 32 cm 2.01 kg.
  3. Lab tests.
    This roller bag has been tested for water resistance, durability when carried and rolled (32 km), consecutive discolouration to check its ability to retain its shape and colour, waterproofing against light rain, and sturdiness when carried. These tests are carried out regularly by different labs to ensure that our quality standards are met throughout the design process.
  4. Aircraft cabin size roller bag.
    This roller bag has a shape designed for aeroplane cabins and complies with the IATA cabin baggage rules so that it can be taken on board a plane. We nevertheless recommend checking with your airline regarding their current size and weight restrictions.
  5. Eco-design - two-done dyeing
    The fabric-dyeing process uses a lot of fresh water and produces considerable amounts of waste water. To reduce this impact on the environment, we alternate dyed and undyed threads to reduce both our consumption of and impact on water.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Coating : 100.0% Polyurethane - Coating
  2. Storage advice
    Store this bag in a dry place. Empty it regularly to avoid unpleasant odours.
  3. Product information
    Looking for a practical sports roller bag? We designed the Classic 30L roller bag with a compartment to keep your boots separate from the rest of your sports gear.
  4. Lab tested
    Jerk test to test its load resistance. Rolling test with obstacles to check that the wheels are long-lasting.