500 Dry Short-Sleeved Baby Gym T-Shirt - Blue

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Product benefits -
  1. Softness
    A super soft, draping and lightweight T-shirt: your child will be well-covered
  2. Stretch
    Maximum stretch for total freedom of movement!
  3. Moisture management
    Evacuates heat and dries quickly so your child stays dry!
  4. Coverage
    The longer back length keeps your child covered.
Product feature
  1. Breathability
    Because kids don't know how to take it easy when they play, the 500 T-shirt is breathable, removes heat and dries quickly so your child will stay as dry as possible! Thanks to its absorbent zones on the upper back and below the neck on the front, where kids tend to sweat more, perspiration is quickly absorbed. These zones have been created to dry quickly. No one wants to catch cold after class!
  2. Coverage
    Jumping, rolling and other similar movements are all part of baby gym. Your child will want to be focused on the fun, not their clothing, when doing these activities! To keep them comfortable, the 500 T-shirt has a longer back to keep them fully covered. It can be tucked into leggings or jogging bottoms to stay in place and out of their way!
  3. Draping, soft, stretchy fabric
    Your child has a million things to think about during baby gym. Coordinating their movements, balancing and most of all, having fun. Being uncomfortable in their clothes should not be on their mind! Our product designers developed a stretchy T-shirt to follow your child's every move. And for even more comfort, the draping fabric lets them feel completely at ease during every single class!
  4. Baby gym
    Do you know what baby gym is? This fun sport is available to children aged one to six. It uses special equipment such as tunnels, beams, soft mats and trampolines to let them crawl, jump and learn to balance to help improve their motor skills. This entertaining sport can be done at home or at a club, both indoors and out.
  5. The benefits of Baby Gym
    Baby gym does your child so much good! This fun sport helps children improve their psychomotor development. Through a range of activities and sensations, your little gymnast will learn to balance, develop their motor skills and coordination, and learn all the amazing things their body can do! It's a great way to boost their self-confidence.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 54.0% Acrylic (PAN), Main fabric : 38.0% Viscose, Main fabric : 8.0% Elasthane Yoke (General) : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
  2. Product information
    The 500 T-shirt is soft and breathable in a draping and stretchy fabric to follow your child's every move. The terry cloth on the upper back will help keep them dry.
  3. Lab tested
    This product has undergone washing and drying tests to verify that it retains its shape and colour. These tests are regularly performed by an independent laboratory and allow us to ensure that our quality standards are always upheld.