6mm Hoop or Backboard Basketball Net - White. Resistant to bad weather.

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Product benefits -
  1. Durability
    Durable, 6mm-thick polyamide net.
  2. Compatibility
    Compatible with our entire range of Tarmak basketball hoops.
Product feature
  1. What ball should you use?
    The ball size depends on the player's age and gender. Baby basketball: size 1 to 3. Girls and boys under 10: size 5. Girls aged 10 and up, women, and boys aged 10 to 12: size 6. Boys over 12 and men: size 7. If you want a very durable ball, go for a rubber ball. If you want a ball with a good feel, leather or synthetic are the right materials.
  2. Did you know that all TARMAK products are tested in the lab and in match conditions?
    Our design team works while immersing themselves in our development and practice centre based in Northern France.They are continually working to improve the player's comfort. All our products are designed with materials for which we have verified the quality in terms of moisture management, durability, etc. Each and every shoe model is tested in the lab and in real-world situations by basketball players for several weeks, and undergo changes based on your feedback.
  3. Who designs the Tarmak basketball products?
    Tarmak is a team of passionate basketball players who develop products especially for playing basketball. The entire range is designed to meet the needs of basketball players, whether you are a beginner or intermediate, adult or child, or an occasional or regular player. Our goal: help you have as much fun as possible during trainings and games.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    100% polyamide.
  2. Product restrictions
    Don't hang from the net or hoop.
  3. Product information
    This Basketball net is an essential piece of kit for getting your ball back after each successful shoot.