6mm Plastic Frame Axles 8+1 Screws And Spacers

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Product benefits
  1. Compatible with Play 3, Play 5, Fit 3 jr.
    Compatible with Play 3, Play 5, Fit 3 jr.
Product feature
  1. What are spacers for?
    On ALL skates: the spacers prevent the 2 bearings from getting squeezed towards the inside due to the pressure of the screws. They also improve glide performance and increase the equipment's lifespan (since the screw comes into contact, across its entire length, with the bearings, spacers and frame). On CERTAIN skates: the spacers allow you to change the diameter from 8 mm (diameter of the bearings) to 6 mm (diameter common to many skate screws).
  2. Set includes
    8 x 6mm diameter screws for Play 3, Play 5, Fit 3 jr inline skates. 1 screw 0.8mm longer for the axle with the brake. 8 spacers.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Screws : 100.0% Stainless steel
  2. Product catchline
    Axles compatible with Play 3, Play 5, Fit 3 Jr.