700x18-25 48 mm Inner Tube - Presta

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Designed for 700 aero wheels requiring a long valve.

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Product benefits
  1. Compatibility
    700x18 to 700x25 tyres and 700 wheels (28 "), 48 mm valve.
  2. Waterproof
    High quality valve that retains pressure.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Material: isobutylene. Weight: 103 g. Valve length: 48 mm.
  2. Storage advice
    Transport your inner tubes in a container that protects them from perforations (b'twin carry case, original packaging, etc.).
  3. Cleaning advice
    To find out the size of your wheels, check the inscriptions on the side of the tyre. Always have a spare inner tube and a pump.
  4. Product restrictions
    Take care not to pinch the inner tube when fitting.
  5. Product catchline
    Long valve for aero rims. Saves you from having to use a valve extension.
Product reviews
3.83 / 5
18 reviews
14 users recommend this product
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  • Whow

    Patrick (United Kingdom)
    Used for
  • Best sports provider

    Mudassar (United Kingdom)
    Used for 3 to 6 months
    I bought the inner tube from Decathlon and is awesome experience and handle bars aswell if i need any help other later i will go back to Decathlon
  • It's is a inner tube

    Carlos Monteiro (United Kingdom)
    Used for More than 1 year
    It's just a compact inner tube, and Sunday morning saver if anything goes wrong.
    Only improvement would be to have a removable valve so you could add some tire sealant to forget about little punctures.
  • Best price

    chris (United Kingdom)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    By far the best valued inner tube I've used and ever seen.

    Does the job.

  • Unreliable

    Chris (United Kingdom)
    Used for 3 to 6 months
    Bought a special pack of eight when I had just bought new wheels and tyres. Of the first two tubes I went to use, one of the tubes already had a puncture (pin hols in two spots, as if punctured whilst still flat and packed. I opened another tube and installed it, fine. No issues. I complained about the one tube and after two weeks I received a fresh box of eight (not sure why they didn't just send one but I sort of glad they didn't).
    Bike hit by a car so needed new wheels and tyres again. Installed two brand new tyres with the bike still in the clamp to have a chain and front mech fitted. Rear tyre wouldn't inflate. Removed the rear tube and yep, two pin holes at the same point in the tube, as if a pin had been pushed right through. That's a failure rate of 2 from 5 and that's BEFORE they'd been used. They arrived with punctures. Replaced the rear after testing it first for punctures. The innertue was not losing air after putting a small amount of air in before putting it on the wheel. Inflated the tyre to 120 tpi (tyres are min 100, max 150 23 x 700 Rubino Pros) and it seemed okay. Started to inflate the front and BANG!, rear tube failed. That's 3 from seven. Now I was carrying two spares with me on all rides over the summer and thankfully I never had a puncture. I have zero faith in the tubes. Two arrived pre-punctured and one suffered a catastrophic failure. This is not acceptable, using them feels like a lottery.
    Response of the brand
    I am at a loss to explain why you had so many issues. We sell 100's of thousands of these each year and either you've been unreasonably unlucky or something is afoot. I will forward your experience on to the product manager to see if they have had similar feedback. Ordinarily I would ask you to check your tyre, rims, rim tape and installation technique but in this instance there is no need as you had the issues before hand.
    Please don't hesitate to return the said items to us for a refund if required.
    Peter Lazarus, National Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
    Chris was satisfied with this answer
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