900 4/3 mm neoprene front zip surfing wetsuit.

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Designed for INTENSIVE SURF SPORTS use in water over 12°C.

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Product benefits Designed for INTENSIVE SURF SPORTS use in water over 12°C.
  1. Thermal insulation
    4/3 mm neoprene, seamless assembly, front zip for an improved seal
  2. Freedom of movement
    20% lighter ultrastretch Neoprene, front zip.
  3. Quick drying
    Polyester lining
  4. Abrasion resistance
    Supratex knee pads. Reinforced taped assembly. Powerseam seals.
  5. Easy dressing
    Ultrastretch one-piece neoprene at the neck, easier to get over the shoulders.
  6. Water drainage
    Drainage holes at the bottom of the rear flap and in the key pocket.
  7. Eco-design
    Recycled polyester lining.
Product feature
  1. Wetsuit material
    Sheico N ultra-stretch neoprene foam, Xtend ultrastretch lamination. The components used are the most elastic on the market.
  2. Wetsuit assembly
    "Power seam" seamless method, interior tape and silicone outer seal to ensure elasticity and a watertight seal, water cannot seep through the seams. Seal cuffs where the suit meets the skin. toggle to adjust the closure of the zip flap. Key pocket
  3. Suit neck.
    Without any rough edges to enable the best possible seal at the water inlets. However, water can seep in if you fall off or if you have chosen the wrong size.
  4. Easy dressing
    The top of the wetsuit is assembled in a single piece from arm to arm for the best possible elasticity when putting it over your shoulders whilst retaining a tight seal when the wetsuit is done up. Large stainless steel zipper for easy grip.
  5. Thermal insulation.
    The combination of Neoprene and a seamless assembly preventing the entry of water makes this 4/3 mm a very warm wetsuit.
  6. Cuffs where the suit meets the skin.
    These keep water out, preventing capillary and geyser action during wind sports.
  7. Key pocket.
    on the right calf, with a cord and gusset flap.
  8. Intermediate sizes
    ML and LXL are the same width as the M or the L, but 10 cm longer (5 on the chest, 5 on the legs)
  9. Adjustable elastics on front flap.
    The cut of this wetsuit normally makes for a perfect fit thanks to numerous fittings and tests. However, for some body types, you may need to adjust the front strip using the 2 elastics provided.
  10. Front zip fastening.
    Symmetrical to allow shoulders to rotate symmetrically. Large stainless steel PK zip for easy zipping. Elastics for easy tightening to adjust seals.
  11. Manufacture
    Assembled by hand by our supplier partner SHEICO's Neoprene experts.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    90% neoprene. 10% polyester. Non-petroleum based neoprene raw material.
  2. Approved by
    Our technical partners: Nicolas Capdeville for bodyboarding competitions and Heremoana Luciani for surfing.
  3. Storage advice
    In a ventilated area away from sources of heat.
  4. Cleaning advice
    Rinse in clean water, do not machine wash, do not leave in direct sunlight as sunlight speeds up the ageing process of neoprene.
  5. Product restrictions
    Not suitable for canyoning.
  6. Product information
    An ultra-flexible neoprene surf wetsuit for cold water. Front zip and seamless assembly.
  7. Lab tested
    Designed and tested by our teams in Hendaye (France). Proper sizing is important in order to limit the amount of water trapped inside the wetsuit and thus provide good thermal insulation. It's normal to feel that the wetsuit is tight when trying it on, bu