Adult 440 Judo Uniform

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Designed for adults learning judo.

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Product benefits Designed for adults learning judo.
  1. Breaking resistance
    Reinforced at the collar, shoulders, knees.
  2. Freedom of movement
    Loose fit for complete freedom of movement during standing or floor combat.
  3. Ease of use
    Traditional cut suitable for judo, jujitsu and aikido.
  4. Lightweight
    Thick 440 g/sqm rice grain fabric.
Product feature
    The 440 Judo uniform is made in a cotton/polyester blend fabric that withstands repeated washing and won't shrink as much as 100% cotton models. Judo uniforms are reinforced at the neck (for gripping) and knees (for floor combat).
    Judo is a combat sport that uses grappling techniques. The young judoka has to grab their opponent's uniform when attempting to throw them to the ground, and possibly immobilize them. This is why the uniform must be particularly tear resistant, with reinforced sections in areas of strain or friction.
    - An adult who is new to judo or has been doing judo for one to two years should choose a uniform in cotton or polycotton (200 g/sqm), which is both soft and durable. - A judoka who has been doing judo for two years (yellow or orange belt) or who is starting competitions should choose a rice-grain weave uniform which is particularly tear resistant and designed to withstand gripping. The polycotton composition (350 g/sqm) helps prevent excessive shrinking and dries quickly.
  4. Which size?
    Your height will determine the size of your uniform (from 160 cm to 200 cm). We recommend choosing a gi that is at least 5 cm bigger than your height. For example, if you are 174 cm, chose a 180 cm uniform.
  5. Care advice
    The uniform should be left out to air after each use. Regular washing will help keep your uniform white. Use cold water for the first few washes. After that, wash at no more warmer 30°C.
    Judo is a very physical sport. It is also a well-rounded sport. The aim is to control your opponent's body. This is also a psychological sport. It helps make both mind and spirit more flexible. Incidentally, "judo" means "path to flexibility".
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 65.0% Polyester (PES), 35.0% Cotton Carry bag : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
  2. Cleaning advice
    Wash in cold water for the first three washes. Wash at 30°C thereafter.
  3. Product restrictions
    Do not tumble dry.
  4. Product information
    This judo uniform is both lightweight and strong.