AM900 Men's All Mountain Ski Jacket - Blue

€ 120.00
SKU: S185472 / 2762240 / 8554739
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Product benefits
  1. Waterproof
    Enjoy your time on slopes; the 8000mm membrane and taped seams will protect you.
  2. Breathability
    Breathable fabrics and vents help wick sweat away
  3. Freedom of movement
    The cut and the mechanical stretch of the fabric move with you.
  4. Warmth
    Mech3D and 100g/m² wadding (body) protect you from the cold, vents regulate
  5. Robustness
    Sturdy fabric
  6. Pockets
    5 secure pockets: 2 hand, 1 chest, 1 inside, 1 ski pass. 2 mesh pockets
  7. Easy spotting
    Recco System to help find you in the event of an avalanche.
Product feature
  1. Hood
    Hood adjusts in 3 dimensions in a single movement. Hood that fits over the helmet
  2. Wrist Gaiter
    Wrist gaiters prevent snow from getting in, to keep you warm and dry in the event of snowfalls or falling in the snow.
  3. What is water-repellency for?
    Water-repellent fabric allows water to run off its surface without seeping in. This prevents the fabric from swelling, and keeps it lightweight, breathable and warm. The fabric is made water repellent by treating its outer surface. This treatment needs to be renewed during the lifetime of the garment (we recommend every 3 washes). All Wed’ze jackets have a water-repellent treatment.
  4. What is a coated fabric or fabric with a membrane?
    The coating is similar to a paint applied to the inside of the fabric making it water-proof while remaining breathable. It is often less expensive than a membrane and requires a liner to protect it. The membrane is a kind of very thin plastic film (polyurethane) that makes the fabric waterproof while remaining breathable. It has the advantage of being softer, lighter, more durable and often more breathable than a coating.
  5. What is a fabric’s breathability?
    To find out if a fabric is breathable, its RET evaporative resistance is measured (test based on Standard ISO 11092). The lower the resistance, the more the fabric releases the water vapour generated by the body when active and the more breathable it is. For example: RET < 9 = extremely breathable fabric / 9 < RET < 12 = very breathable fabric / 12 < RET < 20 = breathable fabric / RET > 20 = not a breathable fabric or fabric with poor breathability.
  6. How is the waterproof rating of the component measured?
    We measure a fabric's ability to withstand a water column, in mm (based on Standard ISO 811). The higher the water pressure it withstands, the more waterproof the fabric. A component with waterproof rating of 2000 mm therefore withstands the pressure exerted by 2000 mm of water
  7. How do you make a garment waterproof?
    The waterproof rating of the garment is related to its fabric, the sealing of its seams and the assembly design. We then carry out shower tests on our clothes.
  8. How do I know if my garment is breathable?
    In addition to the breathability of the fabrics used, we use technical solutions (zips, vents, mesh) improving the overall ventilation of our jackets and trousers designed for Freeride or All-Mountain skiing. These ventilation systems both regulate the temperature inside the garment and make it easier to wick away perspiration generated by the body during exercise.
  9. Comparative score on the environmental impact of the products
    The product’s environmental impact is calculated over its entire lifecycle using various indicators. An overall ABCDE rating is made to help you easily identify products with the best environmental performance by comparing products of the same type with each other (t-shirts, trousers, backpacks). For Decathlon, this initiative to display environmental data is a priority. For more information:
  10. What is the RECCO system?
    100% of our Freeride and All-Mountain jackets and trousers are equipped with the RECCO system. With RECCO® technology, you can be located in the event of an avalanche. Someone who is equipped with RECCO® reflectors and is buried in the snow can be quickly and accurately located by the emergency services using the RECCO® tracker. RECCO reflectors are not a substitute for an avalanche beacon. RECCO technology has a complementary function, thereby increasing the chances of being found in time.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Padding : 100.0% Polyester Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester Main lining : 100.0% Polyester Lining : 87.0% Polyester, Lining : 13.0% Elasthane Secondary lining : 100.0% Polyester Pocket : 76.0% Polyamide, Pocket : 24.0% Elasthane Coating : 100.0% Polyurethan
  2. Storage advice
    Always make sure that this waterproofed garment is perfectly dry before storing.
  3. Product information
    Looking for a jacket you can wear in any weather? This jacket’s waterproof properties and ventilation allow you to ski on all terrains so you can get the most out of your experience.
  4. Lab tested
    Our design team is based at the foot of Mont Blanc near various ski resorts in Haute-Savoie (France). Throughout the year, we dream up and develop simple, technical products. These are then ruthlessly tested in the field, as we are convinced that only thr