Archery Arrow Rest Right Hander Metal

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Product benefits
  1. Precision
    Metal joint making it easier to release the arrow.
  2. Ease of use
    Double-sided attachment (provided). Available for right and left handers.
  3. Robustness
    Plastic and metal structure.
  4. Metal joint making it easier to release arrow.
    Metal joint making it easier to release arrow.
Product feature
    /! Never leave a bow in the hands of a child that is not under constant supervision. Store the bow and arrows out of reach /! Never shoot an arrow in the air, it can travel hundreds of metres /! Never aim at: a person or animal, the shooting range must be clear /! Inspect your arrow before each shot to ensure that it is in good condition and remove your arrows when no one is behind you. /! Failure to follow safety instructions can lead to FATAL INJURIES
    To install it, we recommend: 1. Fully remove the old one. 2. Remove any remaining glue. 3. Degrease the area where you will attach the new one. 4. Leave to fully dry. 5. When the area is clean and dry, attach it following the instructions in the video you'll find in our product file.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Structure : 100.0% Steel
  2. Storage advice
    Keep out of children's reach. Store away from extreme damp and heat.
  3. Product restrictions
    Follow instructions for fitting arrow rest in right direction.
  4. Product information
    Solid and accurate.