Arpenaz 4.2 Family Camping Tent | 4 people 2 large rooms

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Designed for 4 people camping as a family seeking a tent with 2 separate rooms.

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Product benefits
  1. Living apace of 3.9 m² with basin mat, 2 bedrooms of 210 x 140 cm.
    Living apace of 3.9 m² with basin mat, 2 bedrooms of 210 x 140 cm.
  2. Easy assembly / dismantling
    Simple installation: hoops with coloured markings.
  3. Heat reduction
    Roof doubled above the living room to ventilate and limit condensation.
  4. Darkness
  5. Durability
    Wind resistance 50 km/h (Force 6): validated in a wind tunnel on a turntable.
  6. Easy transport
    Carrying straps Cover of 60 X 25 x 25 cm 37 litres Weight: 11 kg
  7. Tested in a shower with 200 mm water / hour / m² (tropical rain) and field test
    Tested in a shower with 200 mm water / hour / m² (tropical rain) and field test
  8. Life cycle comparison:
sleeping tent -
    Environmental impact
    Life cycle comparison: sleeping tent -
Product feature
  1. Living room
    Living room of 3.9 m² equipped with a rising groundsheet that can be flattened at the level of the door. Sealable plastic window. Pockets on the outside of the bedrooms.
  2. Pitching/folding
    4 poles to insert into the sleeves and then held rigid inside the pins at the bottom of the flysheet.
  3. Sun protection
    The double-roof fabric filters UV with a UPF of 30. Please note: a large amount of UV can pass through just one open door.
  4. Ventilation
    Living area has lined flysheet for ventilation and to limit condensation. Front flyscreen door and flyscreen window at the back.
  5. Wind resistance
    We test all our tents in a wind tunnel on a turntable to expose each side of the tent to the wind. The correctly-erected tent with all the guys properly secured around the tent must remain habitable with a wind speed measured at 50 km/h near the ground.
  6. Impermeability
    Like all Quechua tents, the waterproofing has been carefully designed, laboratory checked with the WHOLE TENT tested under 200 litres of water per hour and per m² (200mm of rain per hour!) and during our test missions. -- 2000mm polyurethane-coated polyester - Seams sealed with thermobonded strips - Polyethylene groundsheet 140 g / m² 5000mm of resistance.
  7. Poles, pegs
    Poles: All our fibreglass poles have been subjected to a double quality control guaranteeing some of the best resistance properties against. Tent pegs: Excellent twisting resistance (6mm steel).
  8. Dimensions and weight; folded dimensions
    2 bedrooms of 210cm x 140cm. Living room of 3.9m ² and a maximum height of 195cm. Storage cover: 60 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm Weight: 11 kg
  9. Guarantee
    All our tents are guaranteed for 2 years in normal use (your loyalty card or your ticket is a proof of purchase). In the event of a problem, have your tent checked out in your local Decathlon store.
  10. A score to compare the products' environmental impact
    The product's environmental impact is calculated over its entire life cycle and with different indicators. A global score ranging from A to E is attributed so that you can easily identify the products with a better environmental performance compared to products of the same type (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks, etc.). Decathlon is a determined player in this environmental display initiative. For more info:
  11. A score for comparing products' environmental impact
    The product's environmental impacts are calculated across its entire life cycle using various indicators. An overall ABCDE score is attributed to help you more readily identify the products with the best environmental performance by comparing the same type of product (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks, etc.) Decathlon is committed to visually displaying environmental information. For more information visit:
Product testing
  1. Composition
    PU-coated polyester flysheet, breathable polyester bedroom, polyethylene ground sheet, 9.5 and 11 mm diameter fibreglass poles.
  2. Storage advice
    Storage - after use or cleaning, do not store your tent until it is perfectly dry to prevent odours and mould from forming.
  3. Cleaning advice
    1 CLEANING: clean the tent with soapy water if necessary, then rinse (with a hose if possible). Dry completely before storage. 2 SAP STAINS: very difficult to clean: once dry, gently scratch the stain. Rubbing an ice cube on the underside will make it bri
  4. Product restrictions
    Sleeping space width max. 70 cm per person.
  5. Product catchline
    Sleeps 4 in 2 bedrooms. Tall living area and basin groundsheet. Living room has lined flysheet to reduce condensation.
  6. Lab tested
    QUECHUA tent waterproofing is approved for the whole tent under 200 litres of water/hour/sqm (200 mm of rain per hour) for 4 hours. The water column test (=mm schmerbers) only measures fabric waterproofing. Our test means we can prevent any water getting