Baby LS UV TOP - Octo Blue

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Designed for babies playing in the water at the seaside, for UV protection even when wet. 12 months to 3 years.

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Product benefits Designed for babies playing in the water at the seaside, for UV protection even when wet. 12 months to 3 years.
  1. Sun protection
    PROFILTER UPF50+. Long-sleeved. Anti-UV even when wet.
  2. Quick drying
    Quick-drying polyester material.
  3. Easy dressing
    Snap buttons so the head can easily fit through.
  4. Easy maintenance
    Sandproof component
  5. Reduced chafing
    Flat seams and a close fit mean less chafing.
  6. A rating - CO2: 1.3 kg Energy: 6.0 kWh Water: 0.029 m3 - Details:
    Environmental impact
    A rating - CO2: 1.3 kg Energy: 6.0 kWh Water: 0.029 m3 - Details:
Product feature
  1. PROFILTER UV protection
    The material of this TRIBORD UV product blocks at least 98% of UVB radiation and 95% of UVA (UPF 50+). In compliance with the EN-13758-2 standard, it guarantees effective protection against the sun.It can be used both in and out of the water, for water or nautical sports. The integration of ceramic particles directly into the fibres of the product allows durable protection over time, even after washing.
  2. Behaviour when in the sun
    Although this shirt provides protection against the sun, phenomena such as reflection (from the water, sand ...), heat, time of day, etc. must be taken into account.Wearing this t-shirt does not exempt the wearer from following the appropriate recommendations:wear sunglasses, wear a hat or a cap, regularly apply an appropriate sun cream, drink regularly etc.
  3. Protect your little ones!
    Babies' skin is very sensitive to the sun, as children's defence systems are established after the age of 3. With the same exposure, the effects of the sun ar 2 to 3 times stronger on a child than an adult.It is therefore very important to protect them properly.
  4. What does UPF 50+ mean?
    UPF is a sun protection factor (Ultra Violet Protection Factor) and is standardised worldwide. It defines the protection level of a fabric and more precisely the proportion of UV rays it lets through. To meet the standards, it must block at least 95% of UV rays. UPF 50+ means that the fabric blocks at least 95% of UVB and 98% of UVA rays.
  5. Sandproof component
    The product's knit reduces the hold of sand in the textile.
  6. Head size
    Young children have a head size that is proportionately larger than that of adults. To reduce problems with fastening, this UV top has snap buttons in the back.
  7. Quick drying
    The polyester fabric allows it to dry quickly after being in water. In windy conditions, it is nevertheless advisable to dry your baby and its t-shirt with a towel to decrease the effects of chill.
  8. Sun-protection guide
Product testing
  1. Composition
    80% recycled polyamide 20% elastane
  2. Approved by
    All of our sun protection components are laboratory tested by our engineers. They meet the current standard: EN 13758. We conduct tests on all of the materials used before starting production. We also have our own measuring equipment in our laboratories t
  3. Storage advice
    The UV protection T-shirt folds up into a ball in the pocket inside the collar
  4. Cleaning advice
    Rinse in fresh water after each use. Do not leave to dry in the sun.
  5. Product information
    This close-fitting T-shirt rash vest is designed to protect your children from the sun and from the harmful effects of UV rays, even in the water where the glare is strongest. Recycled component.
  6. Lab tested
    Designed and tested by our teams in Hendaye, France. The Tribord global design centre is located on the banks of the Bidassoa in Hendaye. This allows us to design products in contact with users and in the marine environment.