Baby Printed Gym Cap - Pink

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Designed for Baby Gym and school gymnastics.

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Product benefits Designed for Baby Gym and school gymnastics.
  1. Adjustable
    Available in 3 sizes, with an elastic band to fit the head snugly.
  2. Easy adjustment system at the back of the cap for a perfect fit
    Easy adjustment system at the back of the cap for a perfect fit
Product feature
  1. What is kids' gym?
    Fun gymnastic activities on specially designed equipment with gym instructors to lead the activities. These circuits are made up of different stations (beams, steps, slopes, tunnels, rollers, spring boards, etc.) that are perfect for kids to walk, run, jump, balance, climb, roll, etc.
  2. What are the benefits of gym for kids?
    Gym activities promote psychomotor development in young children, in particular motor skills, coordination and balance.
  3. What should your child wear for doing gym?
    A comfortable outfit that's suitable for the season: soft-knit T-shirt and shorts or bottoms, and a jacket or tracksuit for warming up. And a pair of Domyos bootees to avoid slipping on gym equipment.
  4. A cap for doing baby gym!
    This cap will adapt to the size of your child's head thanks to a simple and adjustable system at the back. It can be worn before, during and after a workout, depending on your style! This cap can prevent perspiration from running down your child's face during their workout. Its visor will protect their face from the sun if they are exercising outside.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    100% cotton.
  2. Product information
    Made of thick, soft, supple cotton ensuring good protection from the sun. Nice and deep, it stays well on baby's head. An elastic at the back makes it easy to put on.
  3. Lab tested
    This product has undergone washing and drying tests to verify that it retains its shape and colour. These tests are regularly performed by an independent laboratory and allow us to ensure that our quality standards are always upheld.