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Product benefits
  1. Handling
    Aero dynamic frame & speed grip made racket very easy to handle.
  2. User comfort
    Soft shaft & speed grip provides nice feeling at impact
  3. Power
    Slim Shaft technology provides greater speed & repulsion.
Product feature
  1. Weight
    Racket weight: 85 g Racket weight is an extremely important factor for every badminton player. Remember to consider: - How often you play, how injury-prone you are, your body size and your playing style. The heavier the racket, the more power you'll get. However, you'll lose speed, which can be a drawback for defensive players, quick volleys and counter attacks.
  2. Balance
    Racket balance: Head light (293MM) A badminton's racket balance will have a major impact on your game. There are three types of racket balance: - Head heavy, for power - Even, for control - Head light, for maneuverability
  3. Shaft stiffness
    Racket flex: Flexible Rackets come in different flex options: - Flexible: These rackets are good for players looking for handling and long shuttlecock trajectories. - Medium: These rackets are good for players looking for a balance of power and handling. - Stiff: These rackets are good for advanced/expert players looking for power and precision. - Extra stiff: These rackets are good for advanced players with impeccable technique looking for power.
  4. Slim shaft
    Thanks to Slim Shaft technology, the shaft of this racket is thinner and provides greater speed and power when making a shot.
  5. Speed Grip
    The ergonomic and extremely comfortable conical and oval handle allows you to change your grip quickly.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Racket frame : 100.0% Carbon Racket handle : 60.0% Wood, Racket handle : 40.0% Polyurethane Racket shaft : 100.0% Carbon
  2. Approved by
    This product has been tested and approved by our technical partners, including player IGOR COELHO (ranked 35th worldwide) and our engineers.
  3. Storage advice
    Do not leave in a hot area (>35°C).
  4. Product restrictions
    Do not put the racket/string in the water.
  5. Product information
    This racket with speed grip is ideal for player wanting an easy to handle racket.
  6. Lab tested
    This racket has been tested in the lab and on the court. The racket has been tested for over 50 hours by our product engineers in our TechCenter.