Bodybuilding Compression T-shirt - Dark Grey

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Designed for fitness (muscle strengthening, toning, bodybuilding)

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Product benefits Designed for fitness (muscle strengthening, toning, bodybuilding)
  1. Moisture management
    The fabric wicks away perspiration and keeps you dry.
  2. Muscle support
    Compression helps you improve your performance.
Product feature
  1. How our weightlifting products are designed.
    This entire line of garments is designed to provide you with the perfect balance of comfort and breathability. At Domyos, our teams work together to ensure that your bodybuilding and muscle strength workouts are always a pleasure. We want you to be able to forget about your clothes and focus on your workout. Our garments are tested in real use, and we regularly update them based on feedback from our customers.
  2. Why bodybuilding?
    The main objective of bodybuilding is to strengthen and build muscles. Bodybuilding, when practised regularly and in a way that is healthy, tones your body and can be practised by anyone at any fitness level. This sport has the big advantage of being able to be practised anywhere — at the gym, at home, and even outdoors — depending on the selected method.
Product testing
  1. Composition
  2. Cleaning advice
    All cotton or synthetic garments should be washed at 30°C and no warmer than 40°C. Can be tumble dried. Medium iron. Wash light and dark colours separately. Natural drying is good for the environment, for your energy savings, and for the life span of your
  3. Product information
    Compression T-shirt for better performance!
  4. Lab tested
    This cotton T-shirt has undergone washing and drying tests to ensure that it retains its shape and colour. These tests are regularly performed by an independent laboratory, and allow us to ensure that our quality standards are always upheld.