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Product benefits
  1. Sun protection
    100% anti-UV, Interchangeable lenses for all weather conditions
  2. Anti-fogging
    Optimum anti-fog, dual lens and ventilated frame
  3. Field of vision
    Spherical lens with a wide horizontal and vertical field of vision
  4. User comfort
    40 mm wide elastic with triple non-slip silicone strap
  5. Stability
    40 mm wide elastic with double non-slip silicone strap
  6. Adjustable
    2 buckles to quickly adjust the length of the elastic
  7. Compatibility
    Size L with prescription glasses with 145 mm width maximum
Product feature
  1. UV Protection
    Since UV rays are harmful to eyes, all our masks are certified 100% ANTI-UV by the EN 174 standard. Masks are the best protective solution as they perfectly enclose the eyes preventing any direct or reflected UV light from entering
  2. S1 and S3 lens - Interchangeable lens function
    Ski mask with interchangeable lens for all-weather use. S1 is a light lens for seeing better in bad weather by improving landscape visibility. S3 is a dark lens that protects you from the intense light of the sun.The lenses are not scratch-resistant.
  3. Optimal anti-fogging
    The "OPTIMAL" anti-fogging is made up of a dual ventilated lens with an internal treatment and an air vent on the frame that ventilates the inside of the ski mask. To provide good ventilation inside the mask, do not block these vents, with a neck warmer, for example. Be careful not to rub the inside of the lens but carefully dab the surface to maintain the effectiveness of the anti-fogging treatment for as long as possible.
  4. Ventilated dual lens
    Dual lens mask to reduce the formation of fogging. Indeed, the air that is trapped between the two lenses creates a layer of thermal insulation. Thanks to this, the thermal shock between the inside and the outside of the mask is lower and therefore fogging slows down on the mask's inner lens. To complement this, the inner lens also has an anti-fog treatment.
  5. Spherical lens
    The spherical shape gives the least optical distortion. Spherical triple lens. The mid lens is made from injection moulded polycarbonate which is an extremely shock-resistant material and shape. The inner lens is made from acetate. The interchangeable lens is also made from injection moulded polycarbonate that is extremely shock resistant. The G 900 I is the most durable mask in the Wedze range with its triple lens thickness
  6. Ski helmet compatibility
    All Wedze ski masks are designed to fit perfectly with Wedze ski helmets.
  7. Compatibility with prescription glasses
    The G 900 I ski mask in size L allows for the use of prescription glasses with a maximum width of 145 mm. The padded sides and the shape of the mask skirt leave space especially for the side-arms.
  8. Strap
    40 mm high Polyamide, Polyester and rubber elastic, 3 Non-slip silicone straps
  9. Thermocompressed, microfibre case
    Remember to protect the mask, and the lens in particular, from scratches before and after use. This thermocompressed case is ideal to store your mask and protect it from crushing, in your bag to tidy your mask away or to keep the interchangeable screen in your jacket pocket when skiing.
  10. Coloured Flash lens
    A coloured coating on the outer side of the ski mask lens (known as coloured Flash) reduces the percentage of light that reaches the eye, reducing glare and improving clarity in sunny conditions Be aware that the lenses are not scratch-resistant
  11. EN 174 Standard
    The EN 174 Standard is a European standard applicable to masks used for eye protection when downhill skiing or similar activities such as snowboarding. The ANSI standard is the American standard, more stringent than the European standard when it comes to resistance to shocks and impact. This ski mask meets these 2 standards
  12. Avoid fogging
    Moisture causes fogging. You must therefore make sure that the foam does not get damp, by placing the ski mask on a wet helmet or hat for example. Falling face down in the snow can also cause your mask to fog up. This is why you must always correctly dry your ski mask overnight to get rid of all traces of damp and a use thoroughly dry mask when you go skiing again the following day.
  13. 2 Sizes
    The mask size is chosen according to the head size Up to 55 cm, choose size S. From 56 cm up, choose size L
  14. OPTIMAL field of vision
    there is vertical and horizontal field of vision. The G 900 has an OPTIMAL field of vision, this mask offers the best field of vision.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Exclusive of elastic (only of US) : 36.0% Rubber - Synthetic, Exclusive of elastic (only of US) : 33.0% Polyamide, Exclusive of elastic (only of US) : 31.0% Polyester Frame : 100.0% Thermoplastic Polyurethane Lens : 60.0% Polycarbonate, Lens : 40.0% Cellu
  2. Storage advice
    It is recommended you store your mask in its Wedze case after use.
  3. Product information
    We designed the G 900 I for skiing in all weathers with its interchangeable spherical lens and superior field of vision and anti-fogging. Compatible with prescription glasses.
  4. Lab tested
    All Wed’ze products are tested under the actual conditions of use for which they were designed. In the snow, in the cold, in all conditions you may come across when skiing. The design teams, product managers, engineers and pattern makers check that the pr