Compact Golf 2-Wheel Trolley

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Designed for transporting your golf bag.

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Product benefits Designed for transporting your golf bag.
  1. Easy opening / closing
    Folds down in 3 steps and wheels are detachable to save space.
  2. Compact design
    Dimensions of folded trolley: 70 x 31.5 x 33.3 cm
  3. Weight
    4.3 kg
  4. Anatomic design
    Handle is height adjustable.
  5. Ease of handling
    A 2-wheel trolley is easier to manoeuvre than a 3-wheeled one.
Product feature
  1. Accessories
    - detachable wheels - fastening straps on top and bottom of bag for excellent bag support - bag dock support designed to fit a stand bag - scorecard holder - pencil holder - ball holder - tee holder built-into to storage compartment - rubberised handle - anti-splaying wheels to ensure trolley doesn't buckle with heavy bags
  2. It's the details that make the difference
    They are quite a few and always designed to make it easier to play: Scorecard holder and tee, pen and ball holders built-in to trolley. The structure is made of durable steel and we have also included anti-splaying wheels to ensure trolley can support heavy bag loads.
  3. You'll no longer have the same unidentified ball thanks to the figures, which sets you apart from your playing partners.
    We design our golf trolleys to meet your user expectations (fold / unfold, compact design, lightweight). INESIS, is a team of golf enthusiasts that thanks to your feedback, further develops each product so that playing golf is always a source of enjoyment.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Structure : 40.0% Aluminium, 30.0% Polypropylene (PP), 30.0% Stainless steel Skate wheels : 100.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  2. Storage advice
    Store your trolley in a dry place to prevent steel parts from rusting.
  3. Cleaning advice
    It is essential to clean your trolley after each use, ideally with high pressure hose on leaving the course.
  4. Product restrictions
    It is inadvisable to stand on trolley.
  5. Product information
    This compact 2-wheel trolley takes up limited space in your car boot!
  6. Lab tested
    This trolley has been subjected to rolling tests to check its resistance capacity after several courses. These tests are regularly performed by an external laboratory to ensure that our quality requirements are met throughout the manufacturing process. If