Cycle to work


Questions to ask your employer!

Does your employer run the bike to work Scheme?
Confirm with your employer that you are eligible for the Bike 2 Work Scheme.

How does your employer make payments?
In decathlon we only accept direct bank transfer payment. Decathlon does not receive
payment from any third party bike2work initiatives.

What is your limit?
The cycle to work initiative is capped at €1250 for all manual self-propelled bicycles &
€1500 for all electric pedal assisted bicycles. Any excess of this amount is to be covered by
the employee!

How many times can you avail of the cycle 2 work scheme?
You can only avail of the scheme once every four tax years.

If I spend less than the maximum can I use the remaining amount at any time?
If you spend less than the relevant limit on an employee in a year, you cannot make up the
difference in the remaining three years. The cycle to work must be made in once off

How quick do I need to pay back the bike cost?
You may agree with your employees to operate the scheme using a salary sacrifice
arrangement. Payments can be spread over 12 MONTHS MAX under this arrangement.

Can I purchase a bike online and avail of the cycle to work still?
Decathlon can only provide a bike to work invoice for bicycles that are in stock in the store

Cycle to Work options in store:
Option 1 Cost of bike greater than €500:
 Bike will be held for 2 weeks.
 If payment not received by end of week 2 the bike is released back on the
Option 2 Cost of bike greater than €1000:
 Bike will be held for 4 weeks.
 If payment not received by week 4 the bike is released back on the floor.

Cycle to Work Steps in store:
1. Select the bike and the accessories you wish to purchase with teammate in store.
The following new safety equipment, if purchased with the bicycle, are also covered:

 cycle helmets
 bells and bulb horns
 lights, including dynamo packs
 mirrors and mudguards
 cycle clips and dress guards
 panniers, luggage carriers and straps
 locks and chains
 pumps, puncture repair kits, cycle tool kits and tyre sealant
 reflective clothing, white front reflectors and spoke reflectors.

Not to be included
 pedals
 cleats
 shoes
 non-reflective clothing
 saddle bags
 Tyres
 Bike Computers

2. Provide the teammate with the following details to receive an invoice;

i. NAME:
ii. EMAIL:
3. Send the pro forma invoice to your employer.
4. Once Decathlon receives payment from your employer you will be contacted, and the
bike will be released.

For more details please contact