Eliofeel Men's Running T-shirt - orange grey

€ 9.00

Designed for running in HOT WEATHER.

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Product benefits Designed for running in HOT WEATHER.
  1. Moisture management
    Stay dry as the product absorbs and wicks away moisture and dries quickly.
  2. Reduced chafing
    My product has been designed with seamless underarms to reduce chafing.
  3. Visibility
    I am visible at night (from both front and back) thanks to reflective patches.
  4. My product's main component is designed with recycled thread.
    My product's main component is designed with recycled thread.
Product feature
  1. Perspiration wicking
    This T-shirt has been designed with Equarea technology that keeps you dry throughout your run. Your perspiration is absorbed and dries quickly.In addition, the moisture-wicking is enhanced by large highly ventilated areas under the arms, where your body perspires most.
  2. Reduced chafing
    This T-shirt is soft to touch to assure maximal comfort during your run.The seams under the arms have been removed to reduce chafing.
  3. The jacket's central zip is off-set so it doesn't rub against your chin.
    This T-shirt has retro-reflective patches on the front (gazelle horn on the sleeve and back (fabric built-into the lower seam) .
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main component: 100% recycled polyester Insert: 100% polyester
  2. Cleaning advice
    Can be machine washed and mixed with other colours and products. Wash at 30°C max. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.
  3. Product information
    A brightly coloured, ultra-comfortable & breathable T-shirt!It completely wicks away perspiration thanks to Equarea technology and ventilation areas under the armpits.
  4. Lab tested
    This t-shirt was laboratory and field tested by sportsmen and women of all abilities. It was chosen by all our testers for its capacity to provide comfort while running in warm weather. Flat seams prevent chafing. Emmanuel (Kalenji Men's Clothing Product