Evolutiv Kiprun Men's Running Jersey - black yellow

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Designed for runners in COLD WEATHER.

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Product benefits Designed for runners in COLD WEATHER.
  1. Ventilation
    Innovative ventilation on the torso and arms to cool me down.
  2. Thermal insulation
    I am protected from the cold in temperatures between 5 and 12 °C.
  3. Visibility
    My product has 360°C retro-reflective sections for running at night.
  4. Pockets
    My product has a zipped pocket on the back (dimension: 14 cm*7 cm).
  5. Moisture management
    Some parts (back and arms) are ventilated to wick away perspiration while I run.
  6. Windproof
    Some parts (upper body and arms) are protected from the wind as I run.
Product feature
  1. Innovative ventilation system
    This jersey has a ventilation system to refresh the runner whenever they want. If I get too hot over the course of my run I can easily uncover the arms (by rolling up the first layer of my sleeve) and I can also uncover my torso thanks to 2 collar zips (for greater comfort, I would advise you to keep the removed section inside the jersey).
  2. Thermal insulation
    We studied thermal mapping of a runner to design this jersey.As a result of this study, we have added 3 different components to make the runner as comfortable as possible: - an insulating component around the stomach (the area most sensitive to the cold) - a breathable component for wicking away perspiration from all parts of the body except the stomach - a windproof component on the arms and upper body (areas that are most exposed)
  3. The jacket's central zip is off-set so it doesn't rub against your chin.
    This jersey has 360° reflective parts on the front (under the logo), on the sides (gazelle horns and elastic waist) and on the back (collar and elastic waist) to remain visible to vehicles.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Yoke : 91.0% Polyester (PES), 9.0% Elastane
  2. Cleaning advice
    Can be machine washed and mixed with other colours and products. Wash at 30°C max. Can be machine washed and mixed with other colours and products. Wash at 30°C max. Do not tumble dry.
  3. Product information
    Always run at the right temperature thanks to an innovative ventilation system that allows you to cover up and uncover my arms and torso quickly and easily while running.
  4. Lab tested
    This jersey has been tested in the lab and in use in the field by athletes of all levels. It was chosen by all our testers for its comfort while running in cold weather, thanks primarily to its patented innovative thermoregulation system. Emmanuel (Kalenj