Fit1 Women's Ice Skates - White

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Product benefits -
  1. Fit
    Fastening system with 3 micrometric buckles for good support.
  2. User comfort
    Warm, comfortable skates.Suitable for skating outdoors.
  3. Quick drying
    Removable liner for faster drying.
  4. Glide performance
    Figure skating blade for good stability. Remember to sharpen your skates.
Product feature
  1. Blade
    Figure skating blade for greater stability. Wipe the blades with a dry cloth after each use to prevent the risk of rust.
  2. Rigid plastic shell
    The plastic shell provides good support for the foot. Fastened using micrometric buckles.
  3. Quick drying
    The liner inside the skate can be removed to help drying at the end of a skating session.
  4. Sharpening
    The skates should be sharpened regularly. We recommend sharpening the blades before using them for the first time. To maintain the sharpness of your blades, use rigid blade protectors when moving off the ice.
  5. Safety advice
    Wear protective equipment.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Skate with rigid shell. Removable liner made from polyester fabric and PU foam.
  2. Storage advice
    Wipe the blades with a dry cloth after each use to prevent the risk of rust. We recommend that you store your skates in a dry place and with blade protectors on.
  3. Cleaning advice
    Have your blade sharpened at a specialized workshop using appropriate equipment.
  4. Product restrictions
    Not suitable for ice hockey or figure skating.
  5. Product information
    No more rental skates!