Fiz Bermuda shorts

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Designed for women who surf or who want to embrace a relaxed, water sports lifestyle.

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    Size : 46 US:M/L
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Product benefits
  1. Sun protection
    Sun protection
    Tribord Bermudas provide UPF 40 UV protection thanks to an exclusive component.
  2. Anatomic design
    Anatomic design
    These Bermuda shorts contain elastane to adapt to fit all women
  3. Lightweight
    A lightweight, minimal cotton canvas, you'll forget you're even wearing it!
Product feature
  1. UPF 40
    An Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 40+ means that the fabric lets through less than one fortieth of harmful UV rays, meaning a maximum of 2.5%. 97.5% of UV rays are blocked. Alongside this, the UPF index provides guidance on the duration of exposure to the sun: someone who, without protection, would get sunburnt after approx. 10 minutes can stay outside 40 times longer when wearing a UPF 40+ shirt, giving them around 400 minutes.
  2. Comfort
    The cotton canvas has been blended with 3% elastane. This gives the Bermuda shorts that extra bit of stretch that makes them very comfortable day in, day out.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Component: 97% cotton - 3% elastane
  2. Cleaning advice
    Wash separately the first time. Wash at 30° and iron at low temperatures. Do not tumble dry.
  3. Product restrictions
    Keep away from fire
  4. Product catchline
    Comfortable, lightweight Bermuda shorts for the summer! Made from cotton with 3% elastane, these Bermuda shorts can be worn at any time.