Gentle Gymnastics Yoga and Pilates Relaxation Turtleneck Fleece Sweatshirt - Blk

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Designed for gentle gym, yoga and pilates

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Product benefits Designed for gentle gym, yoga and pilates
  1. Freedom of movement
    Lightweight, stretchy material that offers great freedom of movement.
  2. Softness
    Wide, soft turtle neck.
  3. Warmth
    Dense, lightweight fleece insulates the body to keep it warm.
Product feature
  1. The design of Domyos yoga products
    The entire textile range is designed to provide the comfort you need while exercising. At Domyos, our teams work together to ensure that your gym or yoga sessions are relaxing and enjoyable. You can forget about what you're wearing and just focus on the poses or your breathing. The models are tested in use and are constantly updated based on customer feedback.
  2. Why do yoga?
    Yoga, whose roots stem from Ancestral India, is a discipline that promotes the connection of the body and the mind. By practising regularly, you feel better in your body and mind. The body becomes flexible, strong, and toned. You feel more confident, peaceful, and de-stressed.
  3. Thumb holes
    To keep you warm during the relaxation session at the end of class, particularly when laying on your back (Savasana) with your hands on the ground, off your mat, palms flat.
  4. The benefits of relaxation:
    The relaxation phase often concludes the yoga session. A real feeling of letting go: the body can really reap the benefits of doing yoga. Combined with slow, deep breathing, it takes place in silence or is guided by a voice and is performed lying down (Savasana). It gives you a profound feeling of well-being, that has an impact on your everyday life and your relations with others. It also allows you to clear your mind and thoughts and reduces anxiety.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    100% polyester
  2. Cleaning advice
    All cotton or synthetic garments should be washed at 30°C and no warmer than 40°C. Can be tumble dried. Medium iron. Wash light and dark colours separately. Natural drying is good for the environment, for your energy savings, and for the life span of your
  3. Product information
    This sweatshirt features pockets, thumb holes and a nice, warm turtle neck. Perfect for warm-ups and relaxation!
  4. Lab tested
    This sweatshirt has undergone washing and drying tests to ensure that it retains its shape and colour. These tests are regularly conducted by an independent laboratory, and enable us to ensure that our quality standards are met.