GOOSTER BREAM 2 KG still fishing groundbait

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Designed for anglers practising still fishing seeking attractive and effective bait when fishing for bream.

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    Size : 2kg
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Product benefits
  1. Palatability
    The presence of seeds and turmeric makes this bait particularly attractive.
  2. Sticking properties
    Sticky bait which disperses slowly, encouraging fish to stay in the same spot.
  3. Visual efficiency
    Turmeric creates a cloud effect in the water which excites bream.
Product feature
  1. Mixing guidelines
    The Caperlan team recommends using 0.75 l water per 2 kilos of groundbait.
  2. Legal name
    Food supplement for cyprinid fish
  3. Composition
    Corn, biscuits, grains, turmeric, no sand or soil.
  4. Analytic constituents and levels
    Raw protein: 12.1% Crude fat: 5.3% Crude mineral matter: 1.4% Crude fibre: 0.5% Sodium: 0.13%
  5. Approval number
Product testing
  1. Storage advice
    Store the bait in a dry place.
  2. Product restrictions
    Not for human consumption.
  3. Product catchline
    Its grain- and corn-based composition excites the appetite of bream. The turmeric adds colour which arouses the curiosity of the fish.Sand and earth-free bait.